Why Nashville?

Forbes “Gets” it . . . Nashville, TN is HOT!

America’s Best Housing Markets for Investors– Nashville #4

America’s Most Affordable Cities – Nashville #5

The Next Biggest Boom Towns in the US – Nashville #3

We are swimming along just doing what we do. We are creating a great quality of life in a location central to SO much of the country that one could almost consider Nashville to be the PERFECT place for a HUB for virtually any business large or small.

Nashvillians are friendly and accommodating . . .

Smart and laid back . . .

Play well with others . . .

Conservative enough to have avoided the draconian bubble burst that many other cities have experienced . . .

Forward thinking as we work on improving schools, developing Mass Transit to connect the region, creating a world class parks and greenway system . . .

We’re a city with a wide diversity of Industry and Business and People . . . This ain’t no One industry town.

We’re a city that embraces businesses of all shapes and sizes. We understand the value of many small and medium size businesses and are not laser focused on attracting only the HUGE corporations.

Our housing prices remain fair and stable.

Sound like a sales pitch?


I AM a REALTOR and a small business owner who recently founded a new real estate firm Pareto Realty. A Native Nashvillian . . . Our philosophy embraces all that is Nashville, and we know that MANY businesses and families around the country have noticed Nashville, TN and may be considering a move to our area.

So . . . If you are one of those people . . . or you know of someone who is . . . We would love to make genuine contact.

Below are 4 prime examples of fabulous Living Options in Nashville.

201 Woodmont Circle West Nashville

3000 Square Feet – Zero Lot – $519,800

Listing Agent:

Debbie Owen @ Pareto Realty 615.485.8833

664 Magnolia Lane – South Nashville

$221,250 – @ 1,900 SF Mint condition

Barry Owen 615.568.2123



681 Brick Church Lane – Whites Creek – 10 minutes North of Nashville

$300,000 – 3000 SF on over 5 acres

Fran Patton 615-513-0003


2600 Hillsboro #147 – The Enclave @ Hillsboro Village – In-town Condo

$412,000 1,880 SF

Debbie Owen 615.485.8833

There’s a sampling!

So . . . When you run into someone thinking about a move to Nashville (and you WILL), please keep in mind that Pareto Realty KNOWS and LOVES Nashville . . . Send’m to us . . . We’ll leave the porch light on 🙂

Just sayin’



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