What version of Normal are you practicing?

My friend Paul Levy launched a new podcast recently. This morning, I listened to the 1st episode and found it to be very reassuring in a raw and candid way.

Give it a listen!


Aren’t these exciting times (albeit uncomfortable)?

What’s next?

There are days when I wonder how any of us maintain our sanity because we are uncertain of the probability that we have a good grasp of where we are going. In fact, we might even have surrendered to a belief that there’s NOTHING we can do shape our Futures much less our “NOW”.

Just as we pick a direction and shift mental wheels along that azimuth, another signifant socioeconomical/political throws a cog in the wheel with far reaching disharmonic tones.

Choose your path . . .

Will you relegate your future to being just another lemming?

On January 1, 2021, I Labelled this new year the year of “NO EXCUSES!”

Shall we all suffer in downtrodden defeatism as “they” continue to rock our world, or will we show up and be present as we create our own version of “New Normal”?

Follow your Heart for your heart will lead you to people and resolutions we cannot fathom today.

Here’s a “PRO-TIP” . . . Work on this TOGETHER!

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