Those Taxes Are Rising

Well . . . We knew this day would come, and it did with yesterday’s mail.

The Davidson County Tax Assessment for #OwenHollow

LEAPS from $221,400 to $338,700 – 53% increase in the county’s appraised value.

My first reaction was SHOCK!

I mulled it over thinking the whole range of stages of grief (Denial · Anger · Bargaining · Depression · Acceptance), and my rational brain then took the wheel. As it turns out, as a Realtor, I had recently done a comparative Market Analysis and came to a value of $350,000, so I’m not a candidate to disagree.

We Nashvillians have had it pretty easy in the taxation department relative to many other cities . . . We’ve always been blessed with low taxes (other than the 9.55% sales tax), and many people are fleeing their High Tax states to “less expensive” states . . . Companies also!

So . . . I’m not disgruntled! In fact, I believe I’m getting a great DEAL even as my tax bill inflates.

My only beef is that we Property Owners are paying WAY more than our “fair share” of taxes while renters don’t . . . and it seems that when most Mayors need more money for the city’s offers, their first inclination is to RAISE PROPERTY TAXES. Property owners are the minority, yet we seem to be the ever bottomless “well”.

I know I know . . . Death and taxes!


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