Realtor NINJA Obstacle Course

Here in Middle Tennessee (Nashville and surrounding cities), the real estate market is sizzling.

The same is happening in many other areas in the country as the migration from HIGH COST OF LIVING areas into lower cost of living areas continues.

Simply stated, there are MANY more Home Buyers than there are houses on the market. These market conditions are excruciating for EVERYONE as most Buyers are stepping into multiple offer scenarios on EVERY ONE of the (very few) houses available for sale. It’s not uncommon for a Buyer to have to write several offers on several houses only to learn 48 hours later that “The seller accepted another offer . . . not yours!”

We Realtors have become “Strategists” at a very high level.

Every transaction is an Obstacle Course for us to DEFEAT!

How can we (in good conscience ) advise our Buyers to construct offers containing few (if any) contingencies to protect the Home Buyers from harm?

Seemingly, only the CLEANEST offers result in a Binding agreement – Waiving Inspections and appraisals, paying fees that Sellers customarily pay are some of the suggestions of most agents, and we sometimes deploy them, but only as last resorts. Often we can take a breath and come up with tactics that bring successful results without giving everything away.

This lunacy has created a new breed of Realtor which I fondly label “Realtor NINJA Wizard”s.

THESE are the Realtors who aren’t whining . . . They bound out of their beds each morning with VIGOR as they spool up their brains so as to be able to conjure up amazing, never seen before ways to WIN that rare, coveted abode for our clients. Like a pack of squirrels defeating an obstacle course.

We “Vital Few” Realtors of Pareto Realty are highly evolved and prepared to tackle any and ALL of these Strategic Obstacle Courses . . . and we even grin as we do it. 🙂

This competitive Spirit is baked into our DNA, and we are always co-conspiring to imagine new (Legal and Ethical) Advantages for our Home Buying and Selling clients.

If you’re in the mood for a move, Connect with any of our agents to get your House Buying or Selling process process rolling.

If you are a Realtor anywhere in Middle Tennessee and are not tickled pink with your current company, connect with Barry Owen to schedule a time to talk. If we’re a “right Fit” You WILL succeed at a higher level as a result of our culture of mutual support and productivity Call or Text 615-568-2123

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