Practicing Non-Action

Doing nothing is sometimes the best thing to do.

In fact, I’d argue that intentional non-action is quite good for the soul.

Some of the smartest and most successful people I know are have achieved MASTERY in their practice of non-action.

My friend Rain Warren speaks of her way of taking non-action . . . She carries 2 chairs to a public place where there’s LOTS of action happening, and she positions the chairs facing each other, and she simply sits in one of them.

Invariably, someone notices her and wonders . . . Their curiosity causes them to watch her. She supposes they are watching her to see if she is waiting for a friend. Perhaps they wonder of her psychological well-being.

Is it safe to approach?

After all, she looks to be very pleasant and approachable.

This dance leads to the question: “Are you waiting for someone?”

Rain responds: “Yes! YOU! Would you like to join me?”

These “chance meetings” are the product of non-action, and they result in fascinating conversations which often turn into great friendships.

In Open Space meeting Openings, We (facilitators) mention the presence and value of Butterflies yet to be identified amongst the population.

The Law of 2 feet “allows and even invites” these butterflies to do . . . NOTHING!

“If at any time you find yourself in a place where you are neither learning nor contributing anything of value, you have the right and responsibility to use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place where you CAN contribute or receive –

Be useful . . .

Even if it means being that beautiful butterfly practicing non-action.

Some folks will notice you and wonder why you even came to the meeting??

Shhh . . . We know the power of non-action/non-doing is working in mysterious ways.

Inspired by Rain, I now keep 2 chairs in my truck at all times because I never know when I might need to practice non-action.

Published by Barry Owen

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