Play by your rules

The “true experts” are worthy of us heeding their advice!

After all, I would define “True Expert” as a person who has achieved Mastery in a specific field of expertise. Most experts in the field of Mastery knowledge agree that most mortals study and practice their art a MINIMUM of 10 years and 10,000 hours to build the solid foundation of knowledge and understanding.

Yes! There are some (VERY few) prodigious people who are born with unexplainable mental capacity and soar through the stratosphere seemingly effortlessly. These people are conventionally described as “freaks of Nature” . . . More PC folks might call them “1%ers”

When a person claims “Expert” status, where’s the proof that their pontification comes from a solid foundation?

We look for clues!

Most “true experts” aren’t out there claiming their expertness . . . They’re humbly doing their work and sharing it willingly with other “true experts” and the world with pure intention for betterment of ALL of us (and our planet along with all of the other animals and plants).

Don’t be so quick to believe self proclaimed “Experts”

The proof will always be in the pudding.

Stick this in your pipe and smoke it.

I am in awe of the MANY Real Estate Sales Professionals I know in this Middle Tennessee market who are quintessential true EXPERTS . . . and true Professionals.

These are the Realtors we wish to join Pareto Realty.

If you are following your heart (not the $$) and have great passion for achieving “True Expert” Mastery . . . Let’s connect!

We might be a good fit, and my experience is that when the fit of Team Member and company culture align, the results are AMAZING!

Just shoot me an email

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