Only “Locals” know this secret about Nashville – Country Living in the city

Most folks who aren’t from around here probably wouldn’t wander to the North and West 1/4 of Metropolitan Nashville (Davidson County) unless they just happened to be buzzing through to Clarksville or St Louis down I-24.

Why else would you even go there?


If heading West on I-24 is your only perspective, you’re missing out on a golden nugget of an area which offers a quality of life that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else on the planet 🙂

This is an area where you can buy a BIG house on a LOT of land “out in the country” . . . yet only 10 minutes (7 miles) to the Heart of Downtown. It’s a kinder, gentler pace of life . . . Just what you would expect in a rural area.

Quiet . . . Clean air . . . Smells better than the city . . . and you get a LOT more for your money there than most anywhere in Middle TN.

Why is this area such a secret?

Just take a look at a map . . . Can you see that blue ribbon snaking from West to east (The Cumberland River)? Notice the conspicuous lack of bridges crossing that river north of I-40 and West of I-65.

This Northwestern quadrant of the county is barely accessible to the uninformed motorist . . . You cannot get there from Nashville . . . Unless you know the secret (Where the bridges are).

The infrastructure of that whole area is light – not heavily developed . . . which serves as a nice protective barrier to keep mass developers at bay . . . Thus it has not been “commercialized” and heavily saturated with residential developments.

Fran Patton – Real Estate Professional with Pareto Realty – 615-513-0003 is offering for sale this magnificent specimen of a house in this “secret” area of Nashville.

I’ve scattered photos of this house throughout this post . . . Click here 681 Brick Church Lane for more details and pictures . . . BUT . . .

You must know that while these are fabulous pictures, they cannot possibly do the whole enchilada justice . . . Only a personal visit/experience will do if you are interested in tasting this magic.

So . . . If you want some land around you – Some “elbow room” in a superb location in Nashville just a short drive to the city . . . and do not want to spend more than $300,000 . . . You owe it to yourself to give Fran a call and see this for yourself.

Over 3000 Square Feet – 4 or 5 Bedrooms – 5+ acres . . . and simply beautiful.

If you are considering West Nashville, Green Hills, West Meade, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, Belle Meade, Bellevue . . . THINK OUTSIDE THAT BOX for a few minutes and consider this 🙂

I think you’ll be pleased . . . and will be thanking Fran for introducing you to this enigmatic “area 5”

Seems I showed more yard pictures than inside . . . because I’m a BIG fan of the outdoors . . . So I end with the interior shots. Be sure to click the link (address) to see other shots . . . This really is a great house.


Just sayin’



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