Next year is going to be . . .

There are a lot of folks talking about “Next Year”

I hear more doom and gloom than optimism, and I wonder.

If you’re on the dark side of the equation and believe that this lift we’ve had this year is just a “Fool’s Spring” and that everything is going to plummet into the depths of Hell next year, you may be right (for yourself).

If you’re on the bright side and believe that everything will be peaches and cream, you also may be right (for yourself).

Why do we “need” to prophesy next year?

To do what degree are our individual prophesies self fulfilling?

If what “they” say is true – “What you focus on expands” then . . .

What of NOW?

Let’s try a little “controlled experiement”

You and I can be the “control Group” . . . We’ll stay neutral and decline a sip from either glass of koolade . . .

We’ll focus on NOW!

We’ll work on getting the most out of TODAY’s market

We will build relationships with more people than EVER because we know that with strong relationships, we can weather the worst of storms and the soaring will be higher.

We’ll develop systems and models to leverage our time, energy, and money.

Every day, we will look for ways to do more with less.

We will SAVE MONEY and increase efficiencies.


We’ll turn off the news channels because we know those are the places where everyone gets the information they seek to support their prophesy for the coming year.

Would you like to be  “IN” this “control Group”

or . . .

would you rather the tension that goes with imagining an uncertain future?

I choose to create every day to be better than the one before.

I choose to concern myself more with orchestrating my own personal life rhythm than with attempting to dance to the beat of someone else’s drummer.

Let’s DO this!

Just sayin’



PS – The Life Rhythm Way is a way of living that I talk a LOT about . . . I coach Professionals and work with organizations, Speak, Educate/Train, and facilitate LRW Organizational Retreats . . . It’s all “Teflon” for the fears of today’s raplex world.

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