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Barry Owen and Joe Brodnicki will co-host the World Happiness Festival Nashville Agora (Tennessee USA) March 16-22, 2020. As one of the 60 AGORAS in the world, the Nashville AGORA will be conspicuously NOT like the others.

Why and how will our AGORA be unique?

We’ve “broken the mold” with an absolutely ridiculous scheme to blend Open Space Technology with World Happiness, and we know in our hearts that this is a match made in Heaven.

Who are we?

Barry Owen owns and operates Pareto Realty, a boutique Real Estate Sales Firm in Nashville, TN. Barry is a Native Nashvillian. In his lifetime, Barry has lived a multifaceted career path from Restaurant management – to 12 years as an US Army Combat Engineer Officer – and then into residential Real estate Sales – which led to Barry joining a team of folks who introduced and launched Keller Williams Realty into Tennessee (12 offices – 1200 agents in 3 years). He then served as Principal Broker of the premier Keller Williams Realty in Nashville for 5 years before opening Pareto Realty. Throughout all of those experiences, Barry “lived in Open Space”, that is, lived by the principles and Law of Open Space Technology . . . a “technology” that his father Harrison Owen “discovered” in the late 1980’s. The 5 principles of whoever Comes is the right people, wherever it happens is the right place, whenever it starts is the right time, whatever happens is the only thing that could have, and when it’s over it’s over have been guiding principles for Barry for his entire adulthood. The “Law of 2 Feet” simply mandates that: “If at any time you find yourself in a place where you are neither contributing or receiving anything of value, you have the right and the responsibility to use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place where you CAN contribute and receive . . . In other words – “Be Useful”.

Joe Brodnicki has spent the last 40 years improving organizational performance by enabling collaboration, building partnerships, improving quality, and developing leaders. His clients have received multiple awards and recognition for innovations and excellence in the government sector. They include the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Indian Health Service, the National Institute of Corrections, the Tennessee Department of Correction, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Joe specializes in self-actualization trainings for leadership and innovation. He also facilitates diverse, often conflicted groups to get extraordinary results in less time than imagined. He lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

How did we end up in this tangled web of co-creating this self-organizing marvel?

At the World Open Space on Open Space in October 2019, Barry and Joe met Luis Gallardo and learned of the World Happiness Festival and INSTANTLY “got it” . . . The simple Idea that more happiness in the world leads to a healthier world. Luis’ spirit, drive, passion, and “LET’S GO!” way were infectious happiness. Luis wondered aloud what it might look like if we were to “integrate” Open Space Technology into the World Happiness Festival.

Nashville, TN is exploding with population and growth. The soul of Nashville is being tested (as is the entire planet). Barry believes NOW is the right time for Nashville to experience this power of happiness.

The path from there took two ways – Suzanne Daigle and Lucas Cioffi have co-created an amazing virtual meeting space using Lucas’ platform QiQoChat. Barry’s passion for the ineffable power of Open Space Technology (OST) took him (along with co-conspirator Joe Brodnicki) the direction of Hosting this Nashville Agora.

Together with whomever shows up, we will Open Space seven consecutive days from March 16-22. The theme of each day will coincide with the theme of that day for the World Happiness Festival. We will display (video projection) all of the streamed content from the larger event and will congruently engage in discussion of any related topics posted on our Bulletin Board each morning. We will gather notes from each session and create a “book of proceedings” for each day. We will add all of the World Happiness Fest Topics/Speakers sessions to the local bulletin Board and will “Tie in” to the larger QiQoChat as is possible.

  • 16 March – Happiness at Work
  • 17 March – Education
  • 18 March – Social Impact and Personal Development
  • 19 March – Health and Well Being
  • 20 March – Technology of Well-Being
  • 21 March – Let’s Take care of our planet
  • 22 March – Solidarity Happiness Race

Each day will have a different facilitator providing an element of “training” for any participants who wish to learn by doing. We believe that a Nashville Happiness Agora in Open Space will open space for the healing of all Local Participants, the city of Nashville, and the world.

The “mantra” of Harrison Owen (Discovered OST) is simple . . . “Just Open More Space” and I believe blending Happiness and OST will make a significant difference in the lives of many people resulting in a healthier world now and going forward.

Visit to register. You’ll see that this a “Donation” instead of a set price. Please pay whatever you are willing and able to pay. Our focus is on making sure everyone who wants to attend to be able without concern for money. All money remaining after paying expenses will be donated to World Happiness

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