Monday Morning Coffee – “And what can WE do for YOU?”

Good Morning!

Last week I hosted a meeting of Principal Real Estate Brokers (Head honchos of local firms). As far as I know, this kind of meeting has never happened before because Brokers typically have just stayed in their camps and have not sought out other Brokers for camaraderie.

Being the upstart that I am, I thought it couldn’t hurt for us to gather once a month to explore issues and opportunities we all are facing in this challenging Economic Environment. The idea has been embraced by a good number of other Brokers.

At the end of last week’s meeting as things were winding down and we all were realizing that the meeting was over, Broker Carla turned to the person sitting next to her and asked:

“What is it that WE can do for YOU to help you achieve your goals?”

The table was silenced for a “pregnant pause” as everyone processed the question . . . and then morphed into a collective sigh of relief/comfort.

Each person at the table had no problem whatsoever coming up with an answer to the question, and we all learned more in that 10 minute wrap up than any of us had learned in the previous hour and a half. We learned more about each other and about ourselves.

So often, we think of ourselves as “servant leaders” and deny our own needs . . . thinking perhaps that those thoughts are in some way “selfish”. 

This was a very refreshing experience and ended with all of us asking Carla:

“What is it that WE can do for YOU to help you achieve your goals?”

We all left the meeting feeling more connected and more in tune with our personal goals and aspirations having acknowledged our own “needs” and learning how we can best serve the needs of our colleagues.

Simply Remarkable!

Hope you have a fantastic week!

Just sayin’



PS: I am stepping WAY out on a rather daunting limb  – For years, I have wanted to coordinate an Open Space event in the community to bring Local Business people together in a consortium. I decided to do this on May 5. This will be a full day conference comprised mostly of REALTORS, but the registration is open to anyone who would like to attend.

We are inviting ANY local business (up to 25) to participate through a very reasonable $150 Trade Show Sponsorship which will give them a table in the room . . . the MAIN room . . . for the duration of the event and full access to participate in the proceedings with as many as 250 REALTORS and other vendor sponsors.

We are calling this the first annual Nashville Real Estate Consortium  (Details at this link) . . . and our theme is:

Leveraging REALTOR and LOCAL Business relationships to Fortify Nashville, Tennessee’s Economy

How you can help . . . Let me know of any local Businesses (ANY business) who might be interested in participating – Yours?

We also have some “Major Sponsor” opportunities – 2 “Gold” @ $1,000 and 4 “Silver” @ $500 – contact me for details. The event is Free to the participants, and the fees from sponsors will be used to cover overhead (Rent of the space etc) – Any excess money will be given to local charity.

We are also to “in kind” sponsorship and have a need for Food & Beverages, t-shirts . . . What else?

Oh yeah! This event ends with a great PARTY complete with 3 bands (local talent) – Etta Britt, Heather Lawson, & Solar Knights

Just contact me for details!

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