Lawn Care – Selling your house

Other than aggressive pricing, possibly the next key to selling a house quickly is lawn care.

I know!

Y’all have a LOT to say about staging and professionals photography and REALTOR fliers and brochure boxes and Internet marketing and Just Listed Poastcards etc etc etc . . . and may think I am inflating the importance of lawn care, but keep reading,

Where the rubber REALLY hits the road is when the prospect drives up to house and sees the LAWN.

I liken this to the Professional who has a business card with a Professional Headshot and that same headshot on all of the Social Media profiles . . . yet when you meet him/her you either don’t recognize them as the same person, or your mouth falls open Aghast that the marketing picture must be from @ 25 years ago.

We can’t help but feel “Baited and Swithced”

Same thing goes with lawn care.

REALTOR harps on “Curb Appeal” when agreeing to take the listing, and Seller does a great job of manicuring the lawn and driveway . . . The photographer takes great shots for the marketing . . . and the photos go in the listing.

The listing stays on the market for a couple of weeks of rainy weather, and (Surprise surprise) the grass GROWS . . . and the weeds grow . . . and the bushes grow.

Buyers show up, and the place isn’t looking as nice as they remember seeing on the MLS.

A few more weeks pass, and Seller has cut the grass but failed to maintain the rest . . . more discrepancy from the pictures.

A few more weeks pass, and the Seller is getting frustrated with keeping the house in “Showing Condition” . . . the first thing they stop doing is . . . Lawn care.

Now Buyers are no longer taking the house seriously.

With a lawn that shaggy, surely the rest of the house has not been maintained very well . . . 

All by itself, the lawn is scaring away perfectly good buyers and attracting the bottom fishers who are looking for a BARGAIN.

Mr and Mrs Seller, this is easily fixed!

If lawn care ain’t your thang, one of the best marketing expenses you can invest in the sale of your house is the hiring of a professional lawn care specialist who will mow, weed-eat, trim, and blow the trimmings away and keep that outside looking just as pretty as the pictures until the house CLOSES.

Odds are good that for a house with less than a 1/3 acre, the cost of this service wouldn’t be more than $100/month.

whether you do it yourself or you hire someone to do it for you, this MUST be done.

You’ll net mo dough (make more money) when your house sells.

I promise.

There now . . . a SUPER-TIP for selling your house.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly, and you make some excellent points about the need for lawns to be well-groomed before selling your home. The lawn is one of the first things that a potential buyer will see, and if it looks unhealthy or unkempt, the buyer just sees instant work and money for the lawn. And as mentioned, an ugly lawn may make buyers wonder what else you haven’t taken care of in the home. So spruce up the lawn and make it an asset to the sale.

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