It’s a whole new ball game

2/22/2021 isn’t just your average Monday!

THIS is the Monday that Nashville has THAWED from our 6 day rendition of winter.

For me, every Monday presents an opportunity for a whole new ball game.


Whatever happened last week is over, and we have this gift of choosing to our way through this slate of days ahead. Over the past weekend, we may have been able to think about things and summon the strength to reflect on the good and not so good happenings.

We Realtors often work with clients on weekends, but that doesn’t feel like work to us because we LOVE being with our clients as we offer advice and counsel and help them through this uncertain time of lifestyle transition.

This is work that feeds our souls . . . even in WILD times.

Today, I put on my statistician hat and studied a sampling of zip codes throughout Middle Tennessee just to get a rough gauge of Nashville’s Real Estate Market.

In every zip code I studied, there is 1.4-1.5 months supply of houses available . . . 4-6 months is “Healthy.”

These are the most challenging market conditions I’ve witnessed in my 28+ years as a Realtor.

Why aren’t more Realtors WHINING about this ridiculous market?

I think the answer is simple, Realtors have HUGE passion for serving their clients, and we rise to whatever adversity surfaces.

When we encounter difficult scenarios, we go to these bottomless wells of wisdom (each other) and share freely . . . and we are SO grateful to be in a profession which fosters a Spirit of abundance.

Even in tough times, we’re appreciative of each other, and we chalk up the disappointments as pavers for the road to success.

As each of us succeeds, so do we all.

Every Monday is a whole new ball game . . .

Let go of what has gone before and . . .


I and ALL of the Vital Few Realtors of Pareto Realty are poised and ready to serve anyone and everyone who’s in the mood for a move.

BTW! Many folks ask us: “Is this a good time to Buy or sell a house?

My answer is ALWAYS: “YES!”

Buying/selling a house happens as we live, and our wants and needs shift and shape.

Where we live is a representation of who we are . . . Don’t deprive yourself by staying in a place that’s not fulfilling . . . Life’s too short!

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