Is Technology working FOR ya or AGIN ya?

We’re in a world of technological marvels.

So much so, it may now be an unavoidable necessity for Personal and Business effectiveness.

It may even be creating more of a generation gap than some of us think . . .

What are YOU doing about it?

Are you allowing it to overwhelm you as you scramble to be a part of the “Right” social networks . . . and carry the “Right” smartphone or pad . . . and keep your business on the “Bleeding edge” with all the web bells and whistles – QR Codes and “Cloud Development” etc etc etc

It can eat you alive (Your time, career and sanity) if you allow it.

What are you using that is working for YOU?

What are you using that has become your boss?

What are you NOT using that you think you should be using?

Do you care?

Can you hold out and swim along without it all . . . expecting that one day “this too shall pass” and everything will get back to “normal”?

I find great freedom in the technology choices I have made. My files always accessible on-line from ANYWHERE . . . My friends and contacts are only a few clicks and taps away . . . My “office” really consists of small Netbook and a relatively smart phone.

BUT . . . I still HAVE a physical OFFICE where I go about the business of DOING what I need to do to advance my career and my service to others.

I am a believer that no matter where you are with technology, your best approach to this whole thing is to study this notion of “Cloud” and acknowledge that the reality is that YOU are (and always have been) creating your OWN PERSONAL CLOUD from which operate personally and professionally.

Over time, our personal and professional clouds expand and go everywhere with us.

and they make rain . . . which is life sustaining . . .

We’re going to Mastermind around this topic in this week’s Friday Morning Mastermind 7/1 beginning @ 10 AM (Location TBD) . . . We’ll start gathering @ 9:30

Are you IN?

Just sayin’



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