A tale of 2 Sales Presentations

We are ALL “in sales”!

Of course, there will be people who disagree because – well – perhaps they consider themselves to be “above” the status of “sales person”. They prefer other, more prestigious titles like “Professional” or “Esquire” or “Doctor” or “Artist” . . .

Regardless of title and/or qualifications, I believe EVERYONE who serves anyone at ANY level must first hone their skills through education, training, coaching, and developing or adopting models, systems, tools and leveraging all of it with scaling with the right PEOPLE.

ALL us must do this to succeed such that we can serve our loyal customers, clients, patients . . .

Once proficient, we each must strive to become “famous” at being “THAT PERSON” who does what you do better than anyone else in your sphere of influence.

Because most of us have a need for financial income, we must market our expertise to people who want or need the goods and services we offer. For some, this means “getting a job”. Hmmmm . . . What’s the “conventional wisdom” regarding landing that perfect job?

It begins with creating a Resume of experience and qualifications which essentially is your primary MARKETING piece – This is your “personal brochure” – THE tool designed to differentiate yourself from the large herd of other people vying to win an opportunity to INTERVIEW with the “prospect” you are hoping will hire you.

Yes – Like it or not, YOU, too, must be a “salesperson” even if you don’t call it that.

The most successful of us don’t cut corners . . . We WIN the business by attracting our optimal customers and clients as we demonstrate our expertise and a reputation for being awesome at what we do.

Are you with me?

Do you accept the fact that we are ALL “salespeople?”

Yesterday, I had 2 appointments with “Salespeople” who both peddle the same services. I had done as much diligence as I could on the internet to determine what I considered to be “enough” information to merit investment of my time to set an appointment for an interview.

These 2 interviews were diametrically opposed experiences.

The first candidate greeted me in the lobby and confirmed that I was who I said I was and regurgitated the brief description of my needs that I had written in my email.

I confirmed that, yes, those are my needs. Because my needs are potentially unique, I was particularly interested in their flexibility with pricing and services. With that said, this “agent” then proceeded to show me all the bells and whistles of what they had to offer along with a verbal litany of “menu services”.

This entire “meeting” lasted about 11.2 minutes, and it was obvious to me that the meeting was over. I walked away with a postcard that listed the menu prices and a very full head of nothing of relevance to my “special circumstances”. When I got back into the truck, I glanced at that postcard and realized that NONE of the prices quoted verbally were the same as the ones on the card.

I departed disappointed and wondering if I should just cancel the other appointment and abandon that pursuit.

Thankfully, I chose to go to the 2nd appointment. As before, I was met in the lobby, exchanged pleasantries, and the agent confirmed with me my reason for the appointment. This was the ONLY similarity in the 2 meetings.

This agent invited me into the main conference room, offered coffee – water, and said that spending some time up front to better understand my “outside the box” needs would be useful. On the table was a bound presentation of their services which the agent mentioned would be mine at the end of the appointment, but let’s talk through my needs first. 15 minutes later, it was clear to me that this agent FULLY understood my scenario.

It was at this moment of clarity that the agent shifted gears and said: “I believe I understand your needs. Based on what we offer, I believe THIS is the right solution for you. This solution will save you money because you do not need some pieces and will definitely more than adequately accomplish your goals. We can start with this and adjust as need be over time.

I departed with lifted Spirit!

THIS agent was right ON!



Clearly has a dialed in sales process

and showed me care and understanding.

THIS is the stuff that’ll make you famous . . . as long as you hold to a consistent process – and CARE enough to Listen

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