You’re going to have a HARD time selling THAT!

There’s a buyer out there for EVERYTHING . . . Even the weird stuff!

Just a few weeks back, most civilized humans wouldn’t even THINK of buying a Twinkie . . . After all, Twinkies barely qualify as “food” and have virtually ZERO nutritional value.

Now there are folks out there “investing” in Twinkies . . . buying them at exorbitantly high prices speculatively because: “One day they’ll be worth even MORE!”

the naysayers are quick to point out all the myriad reasons not to “waste money” on such a thing.

One of the reasons I LOVE working with Home Buyers and Sellers is that pretty much ALL of them are “weird.”

There are no 2 alike, and most of the “job” of finding the right house for a Buyer or finding the right Buyer for a house has to do with learning the intricacies and nuances of the client.

This isn’t “sales” . . . It cannot be . . . because if the REALTOR forces a deal (coaxes the Buyer to buy or pressures the Seller to sell), client remorse sets in almost immediately upon signing the contract . . . followed by surprise and wonderment and lots of thought.

This coerced client may actually wake up the following morning with more than regret . . . which may manifest in stronger feelings of defiance and alacrity.

Is this over-the-top thinking?

Perhaps, but I can say that in my 20 years of helping people Buy and Sell houses, most of the deals happen not because of things I do to cajole my client . . . they happen “because they were meant to be.”

Houses are more than objects . . . they come with karma (Spirit) which attracts similar karma.

All we REALTORS can really do is our best to fully understand each client’s scenario to the degree that we KNOW the person – the karma – the energy well enough to be able to communicate (broadcast) the essence of it out there (marketing) to the right people.

We’re in the business of attracting “Right Buyers to Right Houses”

so . . . if ANYONE tells you that you’re going to have a HARD time selling THAT house, give me a call and let’s get to know each other. I’ll bet the farm, we can attract the right Buyer as soon as we can understand the story of the house.

weird enough for ya?

I just had the most AMAZING conversation with a client after a most AMAZING showing of a very WEIRD house . . . and it left me thinking all metaphysical and such.

This isn’t a job . . . it’s pure passion.

karma . . .

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