Not because you didn’t get it done . . .

Because you told me you could do it and stood by your word until the last minute at which point you matter-of-factly said that it couldn’t be done . . . and left everyone involved hanging in a void.

Home Sellers had moved out of the house – Buyers had vacated their apartment all in faith that your promise would be delivered.

Your failure to get it done took the air out of everyone’s balloon and likely left the clients so crushed that they lost faith in the process and everyone associated with the transaction . . . They even now distrust their own exclusive agents who they LOVED mere hours ago.

Sure! You apologized . . . too little too late.

We involved you in this transaction because we LIKED you and TRUSTED you and had great faith that you knew your business well enough to be able to perform as promised. Of course stuff happened that was not in your control . . . BUT most of that was stuff you should have discovered earlier in the process because YOU are the expert in your field, not we.

Some folks are WAY better at building relationships than delivering promises. These are the people we tend to “give the benefit of the doubt” when they screw things up because we like them, so we refer them again . . . even when it damages our own reputation.

Paulo Coelho NAILS it with this pithy quote:

Close Some DoorsWhen you’re underserved by someone you like, by all means give that person another chance but not without having a candid conversation about the importance of delivering promises made.

Make it clear that you’d rather hear bad news or trepidation EARLY in the process, than to get blasted by an unpleasant surprise late in the game.

If it happens again, close that door. Your business cannot survive many of these foibles as that amiable friend leads you nowhere.

Be truthful and let go!

Move on!

My observation in my own business (and in the businesses of others I coach) is that we procrastinate the closing of doors even as we acknowledge the collateral damage those allegiances create.

On this first day of 2014, I know THIS is ONE thing upon which I can focus/improve this year that has great potential for substantially increasing the productivity of my Real Estate Sales efforts and the growth of Pareto Realty.

If you’re on the other side of this coin (and if you are, I know you know you are), don’t take offense or cast blame on those who close doors on you – shut you out – Instead, take some time to evaluate YOUR responsibility for the closing of the door. What was YOUR role in the events leading up to the epic: “YOU’RE FIRED!” as my service provider.

Were you failing to deliver as promised?

If so, FIX yourself so you, too, can prosper.

It is actually with heavy heart that I acknowledge that (for me) 2014 must be a year of more closing of doors that were leading nowhere such that I can appropriately leverage my success and provide my Clients higher and higher levels of service.

Deliver your promises all the way t the TOP . . . and surround yourself with others who consistently deliver their promises.

Let’s DO THIS!


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