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Today’s Pareto Realty’s 2nd Birthday (License posted 9/14/2012)

We are celebrating by giving ourselves a brand new WEBSITE!
(With ALL of the bells and whistles) and had our annual birthday lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants.

The website will be FABULOUS and will be live within the week.

When I say “all the Bells and Whistles” what I mean is that this website will have every tool a Home Buyer or seller could possibly need to help navigate the waters of a smooth move.

Of course, we believe that the website is not much more than an internet “Tool” we use to introduce the world to our REAL ASSETS . . . our PEOPLE and our business model.

We are real, live, NICHE, Performance-oriented, Real estate Sales Professionals just chomping at the bit to serve our local community in FAR more ways than simply helping the residents buy and sell houses.

We call ourselves “The Vital Few” (Pareto Principle’s “20%”)

Something we’ve discovered . . . “Sales meetings” are dull and not very productive when done the “traditional” way . . . so we almost always meet over a meal . . . We break bread together and celebrate our friendship and accomplishments . . . We support each other unconditionally . . . Troubleshoot issues of the day . . . and plan for the future.

I always emerge from these “meetings” HAPPY and ENERGIZED and excited about what I have learned and about the future possibilities.

Today’s birthday celebration was a true family celebration with many stories from the past – Minimal “New Business” – Fabulous food and love all around.

So . . . Instead of pragmatic blog post today . . . you get the ramblings of a kid on a Birthday Party High 🙂

One thing I know for sure . . . If you’re in the mood to move in, out, or around Nashville or anywhere in Middle Tennessee, I think you’d be doing yourself a favor by contacting one of our Vital Few (Connect with me first, and I’ll be sure you work with the agent whose niche most closely aligns with your needs).

Pareto Realty’s still a baby . . . and we love her!

Hope you have a great weekend.

PS – If you’re an agent in Middle TN want to know more about joining our team, give me a call


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