Your Retirement Plan . . .

Do you have a retirement plan?

How old are you?

Does it matter how old you are when it comes to thinking about retirement?

Don’t we all want to sip margaritas on the beach in our final years with few financial concerns?

This is something to think about NOW – NOT later!

As the economy did what it did, MANY people left “traditional” work environments – company jobs with benefits. The majority of the news media centers around JOBS lost . . . but what about benefits lost?

Odds are good that if you don’t do this for yourself, it won’t get done.

Odds are also good that your retirement may be depending on a rich relative dieing before you and leaving a pot of money.

or winning the lottery . . .

Those are NOT good strategies.

I have no clue what the best strategy for YOU is.

For some folks, it’s investment properties (Real Estate) – I like this choice because I’m a REALTOR 🙂

For others, it’s other kinds of investing and/or saving

Both of those options bear fairly significant risk.

A potentially less risky option is a well crafted insurance policy.

Your “problem” now might be that you don’t know who to talk to about the Life Insurance strategy.

We’re all in luck!

THIS FRIDAY 9/30 @ 11:15 (Following the “Double Dip Recession Mastermind)

Pinnacle Bank Belle Meade – in front of Publix

Ken Jones with AGLI is bringing in lunch (FREE) and will be there to present:

The Past – The Present – The Future of Life Insurance Planning

For a preview, check the introductory video on his website here:

If you cannot make the session but want the information, give Ken a call

Office Phone: 615-749-2777
Cell Phone: 615-202-0329

Please RSVP by return email – Only the first 15 folks to respond will get a seat in the room.

I’m ready to get my retirement plan in action – How ’bout YOU?

See ya there.


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