Your Process Expertise is your best Leverage

Every job/profession has a “process” . . . The way things happen to deliver the service or product the customer/client expects.

The smoother the process AND the more pleasing the outcome for the Customer = repeat and referral business.

If you want to be famous for ANYTHING, have the smoothest process of anyone in your line of work.

Other than pleasing customers, there are other reasons to focus on dialing in a smooth process.

LEVERAGE! Dial your process in so well that it hums along like a well-oiled machine, and you get to be calm, cool, and collected as you spend more quality time with your client (and less time chasing dropped balls).

This helps be as a duck: Calm and unruffled on the surface – While the process Paddles wildly underneath

The actual process implementation is the “Intel Inside” of your business – Largely invisible yet SOOOO powerful.

So . . .

How can this happen?

In the busyness of every day business, it’s difficult for many professionals to grasp how to carve time out of their days to focus on “improving Processes/systems” . . . I call this “Working ON your business” . . . and it is OH SO ESSENTIAL if you want to make it to the TOP and stay there.

  • Manualization – Create an “Operations Manual” that delineates everything you do sequentially. In theory, this process makes it possible for virtually anyone who can follow written instructions to execute your process. Once this exists, you’ve created a way to replace yourself as “Processor” or “Administrative Assistant” and can turn more of your attention to the stuff that builds more business – Lead Generation and Client Interaction. Creating this OPSMAN can be as easy as keeping a Legal pad with you for a week and writing down everything you do . . . Then later taking some time to put it into an electronic document.
  • Checklists – Can be over-done, under-done, under-utilized, distracting, or life-savers – YOU (the Professional) get to decide. Don’t have too many checklists because that will create a “BUSY BUSY” environment instead of a more productive environment. Always think of which checklists are absolutely necessary and which aren’t . . . can multiple checklists be combined into one very effecient one? Checklists should be helpful tools – not “paperwork drills.”
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)  These are operational boundaries or “givens” . . . “The Way we do things around here.” More general guidelines that describe our flow – Who does what – Responsibilities  of every person on the team. The more widely known among the team of ALL SOP, the better so when one member is away, the others can cover.
  • Best Practices – These are nuances of the processes. Often the way we REALLY do things may (over time) become different than what the Manual, The checklists, and SOP prescribe . . . So . . . Be sure there is a system in place to align best practices with each of those instruments. The validity of the Manuals and checklist declines without this alignment . . . and “Process smoothness” deteriorates.

The crucial value of taking the time t0 implement and maintain all of the above is that you (and the members of your team) Don’t have to recreate the process with every iteration . . . Things can FLOW . . . seemingly effortlessly.

One surefire way to ensure that your Efficiencies improve is to invite everyone on the team to actively participate in creating and up-dating the processes as they work within them.

Always be thinking of ways to simplify – One less thing to do with each iteration.

If you’re a solo professional, do this and my suspicion is that it will sufficiently leverage your time and energy to afford you the opportunity to add team members . . . Your business then GROWS as you devote the time it has freed connecting with prospects and serving current clients.

Just sayin’



I have 3 “OPSMANS” – One for

  • The Real Estate Sales process – For my own practice and to train the Pareto Realty Team
  • The Life Rhythm Way – My Coaching Manual as I help Professionals find rhythm and flow in their personal and professional lives
  • Pareto Realty – A manual for our unique Real Estate Sales firm – Includes daily operations, philosophy, and guidelines for training
The advantage to folks who choose to work with a me or any REALTOR with Pareto Realty is that there is a defined process which we ALL follow . . . a process that WORKS (Delivers a smooth transaction)
Same goes with Professionals who hire me to coach or consult or speak . . .


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