Your Daily TOP TEN (A Wealth Building Strategy)

Everyone wants that secret to getting RICH!

Bajillions of dollars are generated every year by smart people (Like Trump and Buffet and other well known business coaches) who have bottled their Business and Wealth Building strategies into “Coaching Programs” which you can buy off the shelf or hire them to hold you accountable as your coach.

Most folks who buy these programs don’t get rich because of the program.

In fact, most folks who buy those programs don’t even open the box after buying it at the seminar much less implement many (or ANY) of the brilliant ideas and strategies.

I have my own version called “The Life Rhythm Way” which I “preach” every day.

Why is the “Failure Rate” so high?

I believe it’s because most of these programs have too many moving parts . . . They are more complex than they need to be and they create the perception of MORE WORK for the participant. They quit due to overwhelm of managing the process.

God forbid that one of the secrets to success involves MORE WORK, right? (Tongue in cheek – Smile)

Here’s where I differ in thought –

How can we make this SIMPLE?

If you dissect every one of these programs, they almost always boil down to more effective communication with PEOPLE.

Every Business and wealth building strategy centers around being around and attracting the RIGHT people into your life and business . . . This is nothing more than very focused LEAD GENERATION towards a specific group of people.

We’re firing a rifle – Not a shotgun!

So . . . You can buy my program and my coaching program (or anyone else’s), and your odds of huge success rely almost entirely on your ability to be in the company of the right people . . . Implementing systems and buying cool tools is nifty . . . but it doesn’t hold a candle to the power of the right relationships when it comes to spooling up a speedy success.

Here’s the magic bullet . . .

Change ONLY this ONE thing in your daily routine, and you’ll have INSTANT (VERY positive) results.

First thing EVERY Day,

clear your head

turn off all of your electronic devices

grab a piece of paper

write your title: “Ten People Who Matter MOST for me TODAY!”

write the date and:

1. MOST important person for today

2. 2nd most important . . .









Then . . . Start your day with these 10 calls or meetings.

Some days I touch my Top Ten before 10 AM . . . On those days, I know I could quit working and feel good about having had a good day because I am secure in the knowledge that I made contact with the 10 people who MATTER the most THAT DAY.

We all talk to a LOT of people every day.

My challenge to you . . . How INTENTIONAL are you in your decision as to who these people are who “take your time?”

Are you choosing? . . . or are you giving away your power by taking whatever/whoever comes atcha?


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