Your Christmas list

When I saw a Porsche for the 1st time (age 5), I added it to my Christmas list.

Red Carrera.

This is the 2018 edition . . . Beautiful, isn’t it?

That was 50 years ago!

Each and every year since then, the first item on my Christmas list has been “Red Porsche Carrera”

Some years, it was the only thing on the list.

Guess what?

Santa has yet to bring me a Red Porsche Carrera.

For all these years, the presents under the tree for me have been nothing short of wonderful.

Even in “lean times,” my Mother, siblings, and friends gave me such wonderful and creative gifts . . . Things that I NEEDED instead of the things I wanted.

Often, my favorite gifts have been things that I never in my wildest dreams would think that I would want.

These are my favorite gifts (The ones that would never make my list) because they are much more than “things”) . . . These gifts show me how much the givers know and love me.

These gifts are the ones that mean way more than buying from the list.

These are the gifts that come from the heart . . . The ones that SCREAM: “THIS is Barry!”

Many were very inexpensive and/or handmade.

Those are the gifts I still have.

Most of the “things” I would have received had the gifters bought what was on my list would not hold the same value to me . . . many would get a lot of attention Christmas morning and then get relegated to the “toy box” not to be played with ever again.

The Christmas List isn’t as much a shopping list as it is a wish list.

Through the years, I have received MANY Red Porsche Carreras (Matchbox Cars).

When you’re wishing, be specific!

When buying for others, do so from the perspective of knowing and anticipating what they need, and quit worrying about the “material things competition” that often plays out in the annual family dynamic season.

Having said all of the above . . .

“Red Porsche Carrera” is the ONLY thing on my Christmas List.

Maybe ALL of you could pool your $$$ and surprise me this year?

Merry Christmas!

With love,



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