Your Assistant is VERY nice, BUT . . .

I want to present my offer to YOU!

I know this would be a huge inconvenience for you because you ARE such a BUSY agent, and your time is so very precious and guarded.

I would have called you directly, but it seems that you don’t share your personal cell number with anyone, so the only number to call is your “Team Line” . . . which is, of course, ALWAYS answered very politely on the first ring by your assistant who ALWAYS says you are in a meeting and can SHE help me?

After I bite my tongue, I give her my name and telephone number and her to give you the message.

She then (in another effort to deflect the need for you to actually have to call me – Because your time is so important to you) asks me again if maybe SHE can help me with the reason I called.

I decide to take her up on her offer (because I think the likelihood of you calling me back is slim), and I tell her that I just showed their new listing at 123 Main Street and my client is very interested and considering making an offer, but the client has a few questions.

Simple things like:

  • Are there any offers on the property now?
  • What’s the Seller’s situation?
  • Is there anything about the property we need to know that we were not able to learn/see while showing?
  • What would be optimal timing for the Seller?
  • Does the refrigerator stay and would the Seller consider selling the Living Room Furniture outside of closing?

I just really want to be able to make this offer as “clean” as possible, so we can have a smoother negotiation and come to terms quickly.

Your very nice assistant told me that she really doesn’t know anything about this seller or the house because the Team is VERY BUSY and they have LOTS of listings and she could not possible know about all of them. She recommended that I just write the offer with the best terms for my client and email it to HER?

(I should have seen this coming because in the “REALTOR Comments” in the listing is a note to “Send all offers to”)

Perhaps this is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Mega Team, but I don’t like it.

I think it’s impersonal and is a disservice to the Sellers AND the cooperating agents because there’s virtually ZERO human-to-human, belly-to-belly, interaction . . . just hard, cold, electronic, digital file swapping.

I often reminisce about “Back in the day” (20 years ago) when we REALTORS would do whatever it took to MEET face to face to present and receive offers. We would actually TALK about the terms and our client’s scenarios (positions), and we would do this thing called “NEGOTIATE” on our client’s behalf.

I know I’ll get some back-lash for my wistful musings . . . after all, we must all “get with the times” and who has the TIME to MEET another agent to present an offer ESPECIALLY when you’re running and building a MEGA TEAM?

Like what I’m saying or not, few people can say that more genuine human interact doesn’t result in smoother transactions . . . and better represented clients.

There now . . . I said it 🙂

PS – Pareto Realty is growing in Middle Tennessee because these are the kinds of things upon which we focus . . . it’s all about loving what we do.

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