You’ll never know the total damage . . .

Most people who are under-served don’t offer candid and constructive feedback.

They just quietly disappear . . . 

and they tell everyone they know their Horror Story about their customer or client “service” experience with the business that under-served.

If the story is bad enough, those people will tell other people who will then tell other other people . . . and it’s gone “viral” before you know it.


In a real estate transaction, the stakes are HIGH for every one of the 40 (or so) people who have some role – ANY role – REALTORS, Lenders, Processors, Underwriters, Inspectors, Appraisers, Fix-it Folks, Title Companies, Stagers, Insurance Agents etc) . . . Why are these stakes higher than most transactions?

Buying or selling a house is an emotionally charged and HUGE financial transaction with LOTS of moving parts. Every one of those 40+ people involved in completing the transaction has the “Power” to spoil the brew for everyone . . . Simply by under-serving.

When the Under-serve happens, people notice . . . and the “Opportunity Cost” of a dropped ball includes the possibility of losing the potential for inumerrable referrals . . . but of course, most of the under-servers will never know the scope of the damage . . . because the under-served simply disappear . . . and tell the story.

Don’t be that under-server!

What counts as “Under-serving?” My top 10:

  1. Not answering the phone or returning calls/emails in a timely manner
  2. Not owning up to mistakes (We ALL make them)
  3. Not being willing to do whatever it takes . . .
  4. Not “Fixing” dropped balls above and beyond customer expectations
  5. Over-promising and under-delivering
  6. Missing deadlines (contractual timelines)
  7. Nonchalance . . . Lack of urgency
  8. Inattention . . . Always distracted
  9. Casting Blame on others – Pointing fingers
  10. Poor bed-side manner when delivering bad news
How have YOU been Under-served recently?
Did you do the favor of providing candid, constructive feed-back?
Did you disappear?
are you telling your story to others?
Hmmmmmm . . .
Just sayin’


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