You Have a Friend in the Real Estate Business

Shane Company is a jewelry company that advertises a LOT in our area . . .

In fact, their ads run so frequently my daughters have their schpiel completely memorized and can say it in unison: “Now YOU have a friend in the Diamond Business”

When I wanted to buy my wife a ring this year, I discovered that the only Jeweler with whom I had ever done business had retired . . . and not knowing where to go, I heard that radio ad and decided to stop in find out if they could be my new friend in the diamond business.

So far, so good . . . I found a beautiful ring at a very reasonable price and experienced flawless service, attention, advice . . . What more could I want?

and now I feel good about knowing where to go next time I want to buy jewelry.

Of course ANY and EVERY business could stake the claim of being “Your Friend in the _______ Business”

Is making the claim of being your friend enough?


There better be something behind it, or the business will wilt.

How are you building your practice such that the people you serve value you as their friend in your line of work . . . Their resource?

For 2 decades, my goal has been to be THE Resource (“Friend”) for all things Real Estate in Middle TN for Friends, family, and acquaintances.




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