You don’t get to decide what you see

“Big Brother is watching!
and HE decides what you are seeing!
How does he decide WHAT you see?
He bases it on what he sees you looking at and with whom you associate.
He builds algorithms that construct a “Virtual You”
He defines you based on his observation of who you are.
He filters out all of the other stuff (noise) so you get a “one dimensional life”
In theory, this makes you HAPPIER and takes all the tension and conflict out of your life . . . your life is EASIER because he is delivering you EXACTLY what you want and need WHEN you want and need it.
Eli Pariser has something to say about all of this, and I think this is a 9 minute video that EVERY person (who cares about freedom of independent thought) should hear and absorb.

This Algorithm Building happens in virtually every facet of your life.
Marketers are studying your every move when . . .
You buy groceries and use your VIP card . . .
You buy ANYTHING and register with your personal information . . .
You WATCH CABLE TV (Yes, they also can track what shows and channels you frequent)
Homogenized marketing is GONE!
Aren’t we LUCKY?
We each get our own personal “Bubble World” to the exclusion of all other people . . . UTOPIA!
Is this GOOD?
Do you have any idea what you’re MISSING?
What’s being filtered out of your life experience without you knowing?
Are you happier now that you’re not subjected to all of those “different opinions and experiences”?
I agree with Eli . . . Big Brother might have finally over-stepped his bounds.
Let’s mess with those algorithms and start googling some things from “outside our personal bubbles” so we can see more of what we’re missing.
Just sayin’ 🙂

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