You can’t rush a good thing.

When you’ve “got all the time in the world,” you’re at a distinct advantage.

In a negotiation, the one who’s not in a hurry but can act quickly, can often control the flow.

Make an offer, and enjoy the “conversation” . . . Respond when it’s your turn, but only respond when you’ve done your diligence and feel GOOD about your response.

Take whatever time is necessary to ensure that the deal is a “good thing”

Contractual Deadlines are necessary, but don’t let them force you to come to hasty decisions that you might regret later. If you need more time, ask for an extension of the deadline . . . or respond within the time frame with a ridiculous counter offer 🙂

Every negotiation in life has a rhythm. Just as in music, the tempo varies . . . When the players get “off-tempo,” the sound becomes cacophonous and ugly.

As I practice this art of counseling home buyers and Home sellers throughout the process of buying and/or selling their most valued possession (Home), my focus is always on the tempo and the quality of the music we’re making.

In the mood for a move?

Join our symphony 🙂

Contact me now, and we’ll start tuning up.




Published by Barry Owen

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