Yet another reason to live today like there’ll be no tomorrow . . .

It’s so cliche.

6116Do you know how much more time you have to live on this earth?

When’s the last time you thought such deep and mysterious thoughts?

When you die . . . what do want on your epitaph?

Are these morbid questions, or are they worth asking once in a while because we tend to take things (and people) for granted as we tumble through our busy lives.

Stopping to smell the roses once in a while . . .

6115Because . . . it really COULD all change overnight . . .

Don’t let that change happen and have regrets and “if Only”s

So many people talk about the importance of paying attention to what Matters in life – The 20% . . .

but how many of us actually DO this EVERY day?

I invite you to start IMMEDIATELY with gratitude for where you are in your life, who is in your life now, and bask in your own personal greatness.

6114Live life to the fullest because (as I heard Gary Keller say once) “Unless you have some kind of side-deal with God, you cannot possibly know when you will die”

Followed by “take care of body because if it dies, where will you live?

It’s easy to make light of this stuff, and I truly believe that we all SHOULD make more light . . . and perhaps less busyness.

Let’s Open Space for living deeper and BREATHING it all in.

Hyperventilation isn’t cool (or necessary) for high enjoyment of life.

6112Embrace the chaos within and see where it leads you.

Wake up one day without an agenda and see what happens and who you encounter.

Scare yourself!

Let it ALL hang out for cryin’ out loud!

Don’t skimp or shortcut on this assignment . . . because life’s too short.


I have devoted this entire post to our refrigerator magnets which we see every day as a reminder of the truly important things in our lives for a reason.

A very dear friend to MANY people in the real estate industry here in Nashville and around the Nation died suddenly and unexpectedly early yesterday morning.

There is no explanation other than: “It was God’s work.”

Paula Mosley lived her life LARGE and she knew what MATTERED. Her Facebook page now has hundreds and hundreds of messages from people who knew her who are in complete shock that she is now gone.

The outpouring of love and community is testimonial to Paula’s commitment to virtually every Cliche I reference in this post.

Do yourself a favor and pay attention.

Go hug, laugh, smile, play MORE . . . and stress LESS!

The whole world will love you for sharing yourself fully.

I would say “RIP Paula” . . . but I know that wherever she’s gone, she’s not resting . . . she’s livening up that place 🙂

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