Yes this is a legal document

That form you are filling out is a legal document.

When you put your signature in the signature block, you are committing yourself to all of the terms and conditions.

Additionally, you are acknowledging that you understand these terms and conditions.

There are other people who are “parties” to this contract who are relying on you to perform per this contract (your promises).

Because it is a legal and binding contract, there are consequences in the event you fail to perform as promised . . . including meeting all time deadlines.

“Not knowing” or “Not understanding” the forms you signed are not acceptable reasons for failing to perform in a timely manner.

If you don’t know or understand, DON’T sign the darn thing until you do.

Ask questions!

Take your time and read it to understand!

If it’s a disclosure form, don’t treat it like a multiple choice exercise in high school by scanning it and checking boxes as quickly as possible.

Consider each and every line and run it through your mind . . .

If you’re thinking: “I wonder if I should disclose _______.” Then odds are good that you SHOULD disclose it.

Especially when you are buying or selling a house (Likely your most significant contractual transaction ever in your life), keep things smooth by knowing and understanding everything you sign.

This is a Public Service Reminder intended to preserve and protect the sanity and legal rights of all 42+ people who are involved in every average real estate transaction.


Published by Barry Owen

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