Working IN your Business on Purpose

Keeping busy in no way guarantees meaningful results.

How often do you feel like you spend most of your working hours busying yourself with non-essential minutia?

This is the last week of October which triggers a “Wake Up Call” that it’s time for a STRONG SPRINT to the FINISH of 2016.

The Vital Few members of Pareto Realty out there doing what it takes to keep their business moving all the way through the remainder of 2016.

We’ve made it our personal mission to bust the myth that the market slows during the holidays. ­čÖé

Tomorrow – WEDNESDAY October 26 is session 3 of the Life Rhythm class from 11-1 in our office.
THIS is a great class for you to attend if you are feeling ready to “get a grip” on working IN your business efficiently and effectively.
We’ll be talking about Lead Generation Strategy,┬áDatabase, and simply getting things DONE to CLOSE more deals.
As a Principal Broker of 10+ years, I’ve noticed 4 “frustrations” by most Real Estate Sales Professionals:
  1. Erratic Income Flow including some frighteningly long periods without enough $
  2. IRS – Difficulty with the discipline and accounting necessary to placate the Tax Man each year
  3. Health Insurance – The bane of most EVERYONE’s existence these days – Especially Independent Contractors
  4. Dissatisfaction with overall “Quality of life” – Difficulty finding a Healthy Life Rhythm of Personal and Professional

Of course, there are other frustrations . . . These are the 4 most often heard.

I’m currently enrolled in a program for Entrepreneurs called CATALYST which is akin to being an MBA program for Entrepreneurs.

I’m taking this program VERY seriously to work on developing a better way to live and work as a Real Estate Sales Professional and as CEO/Broker/Owner of Pareto Realty.

The vision is creation of a “Business Model” that addresses many of the frustrations of high performing REALTORS, and we are currently in “Discovery Mode.”

If you are a Real Estate Sales Professional who consistently sells more than 15 houses each year, I would love to have the opportunity to Interview you.

This interview seldom takes longer than 15 minutes to complete and can be done face to face (In person or Skype) or on the phone.

It’s 39 questions, and I promise YOU will learn a LOT about your current business practices simply by conducting this interview with me.

I hope to interview at least 50 agents within the next 30 days . . . I promise to share my findings with everyone and will keep you informed of progress as this new business model develops.

So . . . Will you do it?

Will you connect with me to schedule an appointment for your interview?

Doesn’t matter where you are in the world . . . only that you are a REALTOR who sells at least 15 houses each year.

Please email me, so we can schedule a time.

I look forward to helping you find a healthier rhythm in your life = More HAPPINESS!

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