We don’t have to look very far to find disturbing news.

This perturbs me a bit (Well . . . a LOT)!

The little boy repeatedly comes in from the fields crying “WOLF!”  when there really isn’t a wolf . . . Then . . . the one time there IS a wolf, the townfolk don’t believe him, don’t take action, and sheep die.

The weather forecasters see rain clouds and play with their fancy radar systems which have now gotten SO sophisticated that they can “accurately predict” tornadic cells . . . hmmm . . . so any time we hear that rain clouds are coming, we are encouraged to prepare our “safe space just in case” . . . What kind of deal did the forecasters make with The Almighty? It is only HE who really knows when and where that tornadic activity is actually going to make landfall.

The Economic “Experts” study their charts and graphs and world events and regularly pontificate in the news media more about the “doom and gloom” of their findings than the reality . . . because that sells more advertising space?

Meanwhile . . . the local “Experts” find themselves “spinning” the news to a positive light and often err on the side of optimism and find themselves making “pie in the sky” predictions which have little chance of becoming reality . . . they play this game because if the audience believes the doom and gloom, they’ll stop stimulating the economy and “take cover in their safe places”.

Where do we draw the line?

How do we sift through all of this and know how all of this DIRECTLY applies to our personal and family life decisions TODAY?

2 thoughts come to mind

1. “Instant Gratification” is (and always has been) a myth

2. Thinking FORWARD is essential . . . and this means creating longer term vision before taking near term action.

so . . . SLOW DOWN and think more about TODAY than yesterday . . . and move FORWARD towards your vision – ALWAYS.

Go ahead and listen to the news and the weather, but don’t take it so darned seriously.

when facing any significant decision (eg Major purchase of home, car, – Job or career change etc), take those “media blinders” OFF . . . Silence that noise and consider the possibilities with a WIDE OPEN perspective.

When you have questions, go out for coffee with a LOCAL expert and get the real poop.

If it’s real Estate related & you’re thinking about buying and or selling a house ANY time (now or in the future), call a REALTOR who works in your area (I’m infinitely available here in Middle Tennessee).

NOW is as good a time as any to do whatever you want to do to improve your quality of life . . . Your life experience . . .

First, you’ve gotta turn down the volume on all of that NOISE that keeps telling you to “Take Cover”

Just sayin’


Final thought . . . Attend any community functions/forums available . . . In Nashville, check out our Nashville Real Estate Consortium www.nashvilleREC.com

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