Win with Authenticity

Evangelists who “Walk their Talk” attract more followers than others.

Educators who have passion for and use their teachings are more believable . . . and have FULL classrooms every semester.

Dietitians who are active and healthy tend to have very little need for large marketing budgets.

Speakers who speak with passion about their OWN material engage their audiences most effectively (and get hired again and again and again).

REALTORS who own houses (yes plural) get more House Buyer and Seller referrals.

This all boils down to: “Practice What you Preach and Preach What you Practice and you’ll find higher and higher levels of achievement.

You’ll also have to work significantly less hard at “Generating Leads” for future business.

No one can fake authenticity.

There are a LOT of “Experts” in the world who have lots of “Book Smarts” but are at the shallow end of the pool when is comes to real, practical KNOWLEDGE which can only develop with LOTS of PRACTICE.

With knowledge comes CONFIDENCE!

Armed with appropriate confidence, the consummate professional “ATTRACTS” customers and clients – It’s a magnetic attraction (Gravitational Pull).

So . . . quit trying so hard to “Lead Generate” . . . and devote more energy to following your heart and practicing your art.

As you succeed, you’ll find more and more people wanting to be a part of what you are doing.

EVERYONE loves hanging out with a confident WINNER!

Show up Every Day with Passion

Be PRESENT in every moment (Focus – Intensity)

Follow what has Heart and Meaning for you (Stay true to YOUR passion – Don’t “sell yourself short”)

Tell the TRUTH without judgement ALWAYS (To yourself and Others – If it ain’t workin’ use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place you can be more useful)

Let it go! (Keep moving forward and GROWING – Waste as little energy possible with regret, grudges, shouldas and couldas)




Thank you to Angeles Arrien for The FourFold Way

Harrison Owen for Open Space Technology & The Law of 2 Feet

These are the principles that keep me moving as I practice my art of creating the quintessentially “Vital” Pareto Realty – We’re building a strong head of steam that’s fueled entirely by our success with practicing what we preach.

Interested in learning how we are different than most real estate firms?

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