Will they come if we build it?

Ah! The perils of uncertainty!

When you buckle into that airplane seat for your flight across the country, you’re literally staking your life on the pilot’s ability and confidence to safely make the journey . . . and more importantly . . . be able to trouble-shoot any complications that might arise while in flight . . . oh yeah . . . and take off and land successfully.

It’d be a tad unnerving if the pilot were to say on the PA system:

“Hey folks, thanks for flying with us. We here in the cockpit have a bet. If I win, we’ll have proven my theory of aerodynamics and thrust. This theory is that it is not necessary to go full throttle on takeoff. I believe we can easily get this bird off the ground before we run out of runway at half throttle.”

“If the copilot wins, we’ll likely all perish.”

“Either way, enjoy the flight!”



Life is chock full of risk.

What certainty is there that things will pan out as we expect?

If we launch the initiative with trepidation, how might this flavor of uncertainty taint the probability of success?

Uncertainty makes us tentative . . . Prevents us from “going full throttle” . . . We’re not “all-in”

Our decisions and efforts are less than full commitment because we harbor this lingering doubt we allowed from conception.

This doubt becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy . . . and the resulting failure is “validation” of this doubt.

“Yeah! I didn’t think this idea would pan out from the start.”

Many folks are their own saboteurs . . . their own personal terrorists secretly conspiring to fail using their toxic weapon of destruction . . . DOUBT!

Maybe, we’d succeed more often if we were to start our initiative with the same words in a different sequence.

Instead of: “Will they come if we build it?

Try: “If we build it, they will come“?

Mind games . . .

Always move forward with confidence!


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