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Christina Hood (Keller Williams Realty Redlands, CA) asked:


Good question!

When setting goals, the first gut response I have is:

Because it MATTERS!

Why do we set goals?

  • Because everyone else is doing it? (It’s cool)
  • Because we believe that goals lead to reality?
  • What we focus on expands?
  • Because we were bored and wanted something to spice things up?
  • Out of a need/desire for more MONEY?
  • To Achieve FAME?

I recon ALL of those are decent reasons to set goals. I figure as long as the setting of goals keep you moving, it’s doing it’s job.

Wait! . . . While we’re engineering a way to keep moving, why not optimize the effort and REALLY consider this question of “Why?” so as to create goals which REALLY MATTER to us.

  • Consider LONG range Vision (10+ years out) . . . 
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Where?
  • With whom?
  • How does it feel?

If you want to be “there” in 10 years, where must you be in 5 years?

3 years?

So . . . What must you accomplish in 2013 to set yourself on this journey to “There?”

What projects and sub-goals can you tackle THIS month to take a step towards that goal?

What SPECIFIC task(s) must you do THIS week to ensure completion of the month’s project?

TODAY! With WHOM do you need to connect to leverage yourself.

Goals are no longer about “numbers” . . .

The “WHY” of setting goals for today, this week, this month, this year has EVERYTHING to do with your long range vision.

Now . . . GO!


More of what MATTERS and less of what doesn’t . . .



PS . . . THIS is my “why” for developing and delivering “The Life Rhythm Way” to as many people who feel ready for very INtentional living as possible

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