Why you give what you give to whom?

Tis the season for giving.

For some, this feels like an obligation . . . to give.

Others give with some expectation . . . “If you don’t give, you don’t get”

For some, it’s all about STUFF . . . “If I give you more STUFF, will you love me more?”

In this whirlwind of shopping and decorating and partying, every so often someone will say: “Don’t forget the reason for the Season!”


Regardless of your faith, this season has a universal reason . . .

This “reason” boils down to LOVE!

Give from LOVE . . . with NO expectation of return – no strings attached, and you’ll turn on this wonderful spigot from which flows ABUNDANCE!

From which all blessings flow . . .

So . . . It matters not WHAT you give as long you are giving from LOVE!

This helps with the “to whom” part of this thing.

It helps to actually KNOW the person to whom you intend to gift something.

The most precious gifts are the “thoughtful” ones . . . the one’s which SURPRISE the receiver. These are gifts (large or small) which communicate: “I know you and love you and understand you and HONOR you for who you are.”

Each gift is thereby a mini-celebration of the receiver.

and God smiles . . . 🙂

NOW is a GREAT time to be VERY intentional about your gift giving and your personal introspection about the reason for this season.

What will you gift YOURSELF this season?

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