Why would a Home Buyer or Seller care if their REALTOR is “High Performance?”

There may be (is) a stigma that sometimes works against the “Mega-Agents” out there. This stigma includes the following:

  • Too busy to work my little transaction
  • will hand me off to an assistant, and I won’t get good service
  • doesn’t need my business (already making tons of money)
  • Will rail-road me into doing something I don’t want to do (Salesy)
  • Won’t take the time to get to know me – Churn and burn

While this stigma may be descriptive of some Mega-Agents out there, it is NOT prescriptive.

Just because a REALTOR sells a lot of houses doesn’t necessarily mean ANY of these things have to happen.

There’s a distinct difference between the “Mega-Agent”/”Top Producer” who sells a bajillion houses every year . . . and the High Performing “Mega-Agent”/”Top Producer” . . . and it has everything to do with the definition/manifestation of “high performance.”

The high performance professional IS busy . . . but it’s the kind of busy as “if you really want to get something DONE, hire a busy person to do it” . . . with a twist . . . The high performance person CARES enough to LISTEN and be attentive and responsive to the real needs of the client.

The high performance person also works very diligently to develop LEVERAGE (People, Systems, Tools) who do everything that needs to be done that could be a distraction from their attention and responsiveness to the client.

The high performance person also has great personal clarity of goals and aspirations and practices a level of FOCUS that keeps everything in proper perspective. It’s that level of clarity that helps these professionals as effective and compassionate consultants and advocates of their clients.

The High Performance Professional does NOT delegate the things that MATTER most to the client – attentive Listening.

so . . . When a Home Buyer or Seller interviews and client and asks: “How many houses have you sold in the past 12 months?” . . . how meaningful can that answer be?

The more pertinent questions can be answered with heartfelt testimonials from ecstatic prior clients.

Build stories from raving fans instead of counting deals closed . . .

THAT’S “High Performance” (In my book)

At Pareto Realty, the fundamental cornerstone of our business IS “High Performance” – We study and practice this concept daily.

If you’re in the mood to buy or sell a house, contact us now so we get start building YOUR story.


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