Why Vote?

In my book . . . if you don’t vote, you relinquish your right to complain.

Well – Maybe that’s a little strong.

Of course, we live in a free country so arguably ALL people have the right to complain whether or not they vote.

but what’s the point of not voting?

Conscientious objection?

Don’t like ANY of the options, so you’ll just go silent?

Wait – WHAT?

Are you going to start your own country?

Vote early and often . . .

If you’re disgruntled, and you think your vote doesn’t accomplish anything, then step UP and run for a political office of your own.

The biggest enemy of any group of people is apathy.

Indignancy does nothing more than bore the folks who are getting things done.

BE the change you desire.

Take responsibility . . . Take ACTION!

So . . . none of what I have written has to be about tomorrow’s presidential election. ALL of it is relevant to our every day living.

For me, “Voting” quite simply means “Participating”

It means “What I stand For!

and that’s what drives all of us in our personal and professional pursuits.

If you’re not participating because you don’t feel like you’ll get what what you want . . . then you’ll likely never get what you want because of your lack of participation.

Create your own life.

You deserve it!



At Pareto Realty, we stand for improving the lives of our team members and clients through our Real Estate Sales and Consulting practice and support for our local community . . . If you’re in Middle Tennessee, connect with us and let’s stand together 🙂

Published by Barry Owen

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