Why Might you WANT to attend the Local Convention and Trade Show?


If this is you, please continue to read.

If you HATE conventions, it may not be the Convention’s fault.

Could it be that you are simply going about attending conventions wrong?

One Primary function of Most (if not ALL) Professional Associations is to put together an annual convention for the members.

These conventions are for the purpose of offering the members a place to go for some:

  •  Motivation
  • Continuing Education
  • Industry up-dates
  • Association Annual Meetings and by-law adjustments
  • Networking among peers.

Keynote Speakers” are usually Author/Speakers who have messages relevant to the industry and/or motivational slants.

The Trade Show does 2 things – Helps defray the COST of the Convention and offers the Vendors some real face time with their customers and prospects.

September 26, 2013

The Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS (GNAR) is hosting its BIG EVENT with the headline of: “There’s no place like Nashville

I’ll be there, and I truly believe that EVERY REALTOR IN MIDDLE TN would benefit tremendously by attending.

Guess what?

I INTENSELY DISLIKE Conventions . . . I think they’re “all the same” – Over-stimulating – Loud – and have a HUGE potential for being a complete waste of a perfectly good day, yet I’ll be there.


Here’s my reasoning:

It is up to each and every one of us individually to show up, be present, follow heart, tell the truth, and let go . . . and to get the MOST benefit from every waking moment while on this planet.

Attending any convention offers HUGE potential for making good use of your time, energy, and money.

SO . . . Following are my Top 10 ways to optimize your Convention Experience

  1. SHOW UP! Register NOW and commit the ENTIRE DAY September 26.
  2. BE PRESENT! Do NOT bring your work with you. Don’t schedule any client appointments that day. Just bring your full self and stay plugged in for the day.
  3. Tell the TRUTH! Throughout the day, LISTEN to that little voice inside you. If it begins to whisper that you’re wasting time or not having fun in the moment, move on to somewhere else.
  4. Follow your Heart! Don’t glue yourself to your friends and fall into the trap of attending only the sessions THEY want to attend. Be selfish with this time and strike out on your own to fulfill your own goals for the day.
  5. Let GO! If you spend your time at the convention filtering every experience through your own preconceived EXPECTATIONS, you will have squelched your potential for getting the most out of the event.
  6. EXPECT TO BE SURPRISED! Dare to dive in with your own wrote PLAN OF ATTACK and free-wheel your way through the day.
  7. If you must set Goals, make them simple: “My goal is to emerge from each session or conversation with ONE, single implementable idea.”
  8. If you look at the agenda and don’t see any sessions of interest, find a nice spot to sit alone and cogitate. Invariably, someone else will plop down next to you and any conversation that ensues will indubitably be more productive than being miserable in a session you don’t like.
  9. If you look at the agenda and see multiple session you want to attend happening at the same time, ATTEND THEM ALL! That’s right, Be a bumblebee and buzz from one session to the next to the next . . . Stay in each session til you get that one great idea and move on.
  10. When it’s over, it’s over! Whenever it is that you feel “cooked” . . . GO! If you’re FULL and don’t think you can derive any additional benefit whatsoever by staying, LEAVE! Go somewhere else and collect your thoughts and learnings and develop your plan for implementation of all the great new ideas,

My hat’s off to the organizers of ANY convention because I KNOW how much work goes into planning one of these (I’ve done it), but the truth is, I don’t attend conventions because of the Keynote speaker or the draw of the sessions being offered or the trade show.

I attend conventions mostly to mingle with my peers . . . to learn from each other.

So . . . For me, it’s the coffee and lunch breaks and times when I choose not to attend any session when I glean the most benefit from any convention experience.


You don’t get to do ANY of this if you don’t SHOW UP!

REGISTER HERE for the GNAR Convention!

I’ll see you there 🙂

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