Why Friday Morning Masterminds?

A few things I know are timeless . . .

Great things happen when people gather in a safe place and communicate

When bad things happen, people naturally gather and “Circle the Wagons” until the storm passes.

On the day 9/11/01, the Twin towers fell. New Yorkers came together and pitched in to help with recovery . . . and word is . . . since then . . . there’s been “Healthier Community”. People have gotten to know their neighbors – speak to strangers – now lend a hand when they previously wouldn’t . . .

We had the same phenomenon during the May floods here in Nashville.

Every time there’s a major Tropical Storm, Hurricane, Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanic eruption, Political Crisis, economic recession . . . It’s the people who follow this natural instinct to “Circle the Wagons” who are the “HEROES OF THE DAY.”

Yet few of them do what they do for the fame . . . They simply do what comes naturally for them . . . Stepping up when stepping up is needed.

It is true that ANYONE can make a difference . . . and to do so, all we have to do is SHOW UP and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our Natural Passion.

Methinks . . . Failure to show up (apathy) is REALLY bad mojo!

Some folks say that when 2 people come together, a “3rd mind” is created . . .

add more people and the brain power increases exponentially.

Things get done in amazing ways.

Each week here in Nashville, TN, I host a “Friday Morning Mastermind” (Every Friday @ 10)

In these mastermind sessions we explore issues and opportunities we are facing in our local community. Sometimes, we tackle “Sales and Business” . . . Sometimes Personal Goals and Aspirations . . . Sometimes Community improvement . . . Often Real Estate Related, but everything we talk about is applicable to ALL businesses and people.

In my view, the people who show up at these Masterminds are heroes because after each of these sessions every person who has participated leaves with new perspective that has been co-created with the other participants.

All boats rise with this tide!

Anyone is welcome – no strings attached!

THIS is how we are going to recover from this recession and flow through any and all obstacles we face in the future.

Will you join us?

Just contact me to be added to the invitation distribution or find me on facebook where I post the events.



PS: This post began with some deep thinking about the power of “Collective consciousness” which gave rise to some other thoughts about the power of “Unified Thought” . . . When people gather around an issue or opportunity for which all of them have real passion . . . AMAZING things happen!

Below are some “Tools” and/or buzz words that apply ūüôā

Mastermind may refer to:

Dictionary definition:¬†‚Äďnoun:

  1. genius
  2. a person (or group) who originates or is primarily responsible for the execution of a particular idea, project, or the like.
Brainstorming is a group creativity technique by which a group tries to find a solution for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its members.
Collective consciousness¬†was a term coined by the French sociologist¬†√Čmile Durkheim¬†(1858‚Äď1917) to refer to the shared beliefs and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society.
The¬†Global Brain¬†is a metaphor for the worldwide intelligent network formed by people together with the information and communication technologies that connect them into an “organic” whole.
skunkworks – The designation¬†“skunk works”, or “skunkworks”, is widely used in business, engineering, and technical fields to describe a group within an organization given a high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy, tasked with working on advanced or secret projects.
Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within groups of people. It is the mode of thinking that happens when the desire for harmony in a decision-making group overrides a realistic appraisal of alternatives. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative ideas or viewpoints
Open Space Technology¬†is a “meeting format” that creates safe space for groups of all sizes and diversity to self-organize around real issues(s) and opportunities for which they have passion and desire resolution. There are 5 principles and 1 law:
  1. Whoever comes is the Right People
  2. Whenever it Starts is the Right Time
  3. Whatever Happens is the Only thing that Could Have
  4. Wherever it happens is the right Place
  5. When It’s over
the Law of 2 Feet:
If at any time you find yourself in a place where you are neither contributing nor receiving anything of value, it is YOUR responsibility to use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place where you CAN contribute or receive value.
  • The Way of the Warrior¬†or Leader is to show up, or choose to be present.
  • The Way of the Healer¬†or Caretaker is to pay attention to what has heart and meaning.
  • The Way of the Visionary¬†or Creative Problem Solver is to tell the truth without blame or judgment.
  • The Way of the Teacher¬†or Counselor is to be open to outcome, not attached to outcome.

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