Why are you here?

The invitation popped into my in-box, and the topic piqued my curiosity.

I checked my calendar and confirmed that the day and time was doable, and I registered to attend.

At that moment of my choosing to register, the topic resonated with me.

As the event neared, I received a reminder email and was starting to have some reservations.

Who else will be there?

I’ve never heard of this presenter . . . Will attending this be worth the time and inconvenience invested?

I’m feeling less resonant with the topic . . . It’s been a tumuluous couple of weeks, and I can think of a few hundred other things I could be doing instead of this.

Right on the edge of deciding not to attend, that evil little pixie who dwells in my conscience began whispering in my ear. She said things like:

YOU committed to being there, so you MUST show up!

You NEED a break regardless of the quality of the event.

If you go, you WILL learn something new . . . at least ONE thing (even if it’s a learning of something you do NOT want to do).

You WILL be in the presence of lots of other people you know or don’t know (yet) . . . The right people will be there to connect with you.

The excruciating truth is that my inner pixie is never wrong.

She’s such a know-it-all and she’s always SO quick to say “I told ya so!” when I’m leaving the event refreshed.

Whatever you do . . . listen to your inner pixie . . . and show up, be present, follow your heart, tell the truth, and let go of expectations.

Life isn’t nearly as complicated as we humans make it, is it?

Just for perspective, I thought I would share an encounter I had this morning in my driveway.

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