Who makes the decisions?

At the risk of over-simplifying, every consumer experience (Including professional/Client relationships) has two components . . . The Product and the Process.

In my view, it’s the job of the professional to handle the process in such a smooth and anticipatory way that the client may not even be aware that there IS a process . . .

The process is the “intel inside” . . . Invisibly churning along handling the details and maintaining the flow.

All external (visible) focus must be on the PRODUCT with the needs and wants of the client front and center. The more dialed in the process, the easier it will be for all parties to focus on what matters most . . . The product.

SO . . . In order for this process to deliver the “right” product, someone must be making the decisions . . . Who?

The CLIENT makes all the decisions.

The process is simply there to handle the details and reduce the noise such that this decision-making can happen.

The sales professional’s “job” is to understand the clients needs (and wants) sufficiently that she can tweak the process along the way to keep it invisible and effective.

All of that having been said, when talking with a prospect and/or conducting a “Sales Presentation/Consultation”, doesn’t it make sense for the focus to be on mutual understanding of the client needs and wants?

We “Sell” most effectively when we understand what’s important to the client . . . and when we reach that level of understanding, it becomes unnecessary to “brag” about the prowess of the firm  and its associates . . . or to meticulously describe the details of the process.

It’s ALL 80/20 . . . Filter out the 80% (the trivial) so that everyone can focus on the 20% (the Vital) – what matters.

Just sayin’,



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