Who is protecting your goal?

Beware! Following is a string of random thoughts from the Nashville Predators WIN last night.

The stats the announcers thought were significant:

  • Rinne (The Predator’s Goalie) had an AMAZING number of “saves”
  • Sissons (Preds) had a Hat Trick (3 Goals) that most fans didn’t know about because the first goal was initially credited to another player
  • The Ducks had more than DOUBLE the number of shots on goal (41-18)
  • Preds scored 6 points with 18 shots on goal
  • Ducks scored 2 points with 41 shots on goal
  • Prior to this game, all but one of the teams that scored first LOST the game.
  • The Preds were STILL down their 2 injured STAR leaders

My observations:

  • Our “7th man” (The fans) SHOWED UP last night – BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER the game – This WAS a whole city team effort
  • The Ducks played a very offensive game as evidenced by the disparity in shots on goal.
  • The Preds played a very defensive game (which made me nervous in the 2nd period)
  • It takes more energy to play offensively – The ducks were VERY fatigued and angry in the 3rd period – which made them sloppy.
  • Yes Rinne (Preds Goalie) played an AMAZING game, but he did not create this win – he was a participant – The defenders between him and the Duck’s offense played an equally AMAZING game.
  • The defensive strategy kept our offense fresher for a strong finish.
  • As long as no one shaves a beard, I think the Preds have a great shot at keeping this momentum rolling to win the Stanley Cup.

Of course, I have some “Life and Business” learnings from this play-off series:

  • When your team IS a team, no player is more important than the others.
  • Play with a strategy for endurance . . . one that conserves energy.
  • Leave it ALL on the ice EVERY game.
  • Play with heart – This is not a job . . . It’s a passion.
  • Love and acknowledge your 7th Man – You know who your cheerleaders and supporters are . . . Thank them and be humble and kind.
  • Do whatever it takes to protect your GOAL!
  • Less “try” and more “DO” WINS . . .
  • Pay attention to your conversion points and measure
  • THOSE. How can you increase your % converted?
  • How many leads do you need in order to close enough business to earn enough $ to live the life you want?
  • What efficiencies can you implement to decrease the number of leads needed for each score?
  • Know when is best for defensive posture vs offensive posture.

Simply said:

Be intentional in everything you do!

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