Who defines your success?

I hope your answer to that question is . . . Yourself!


YOU define your own success because YOU are the one who has complete control over your expectations . . . and from where I stand . . . if you set a goal and achieve it you will have met with success.

My daughter Jessica just completed her Summer reading for school. She is entering 9th grade and was required to read Outliers┬áby Malcolm Gladwell . . . . That’s some heavy reading for a 9th grader. Following the reading, she was required to answer a series of questions the most interesting of which was this idea of: “What’s the definition of success?

For sure, many people equate “success” with fame, fortune, rank, status, etc

If that’s the definition, then the number of “successful people” in the world is minute . . . and given the antics of the people who have fame and fortune, I’d venture to say most “commoners” don’t WANT that kind of success.

Success is:

  • When you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished
  • When you make a difference in other people’s lives
  • When you give . . . Just because
  • When you know where you are going
  • When you get “there” and then choose another goal
  • When you fail and then stand up and continue forth
  • When someone you love tells you how proud they are of you
  • When you never stop trying
  • When you’re the “expert” in your field
  • Who you are . . .

What’s YOUR definition of success?

Are you committed?




Let me know how it goes . . .

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