Where to find the right education to LAUNCH your business?

In February of 1993, I “separated” from the US Army and began my Real Estate Sales Career.

As with most new agents, I knew very little about sales and even less about real estate. I wanted to ramp my business up to high level as quickly as possible, and money was tight (sound familiar?), so I started by aligning myself with a Mentor.

This mentor is the BEST at what she does. Something I learned from her is that many of the best sales people are also very good teachers. I shadowed her for over 2 years and absorbed EVERYTHING she did. I helped her build systems to support the high volume of business she was generating, and I filled in the gaps when she needed support servicing her clients.

I learned a LOT about the process of working with Home Buyers and Sellers . . . and the intricacies of each deal . . . and “scripts and dialogues” to defuse complicated issues . . . and to negotiate effectively on behalf of my clients.

When it was time for me to leave the nest, I was CERTAIN I had ALL of the knowledge and skill to excel in this business.

A few months later, the reality set in . . . I still had a LOT left to learn.

So I started the quest for the “right” education.

What I would learn after a bunch of trial and error is that the word “Right” is an operative word . . . Beyond the fundamentals of successfully serving a client and managing the process of the transaction, there is much to be learned.

Oh! Pesky little details like how to develop a niche, generate leads, and actually BUILD A BUSINESS became essential lest I starve.

It quickly became apparent to me that I would need to start paying for this education because the most knowledgeable Brokers and agents in my office seemed “too busy” to help me.

Between then and now, here’s what I’ve done:

  • Completed the GRI – Graduate of the REALTOR Institute
  • CRS – Certified Residential Specialist
  • Engaged at a high level in the Local Association
  • Earned Real Estate Broker license
  • Paid a Business coach $2,500/mth for @ 3 years
  • Purchased several “Programs” (All of which guaranteed they’d make me a MILLIONAIRE)
  • Joined 5 different firms (@ 3 years each) in search of the “right” fit in terms of support and training for ME
  • Joined Keller Williams Realty because it is a “Training and Consulting Firm for Real Estate Professionals
  • Mastered every class (as Trainer) KW produced throughout the 10 years I was affiliated.
  • Served as Principal Broker, Trainer, and productivity coach for 5 years in an office of over 150 agents churning out over 100 transactions every month.
  • Read a couple thousand books about sales and business and real estate and life (Just ask my wife – All those books are EVERYWHERE in our house)

All of that happened in the first 17 years of my career . . . at which point I realized that I STILL had a LOT left to learn.

I finally threw my hands up and decided that the “Perfect fit” for me didn’t exist in our market . . . So I decided to create it . . . thus the appearance of Pareto Realty on the scene here in Nashville.

Why tell my career life story in a blog post about where to get the ‘Right education?”

I’ve come to the realization that ALL “Sales Programs” work for SOME people . . . but the Pareto Principle always applies: “there’s a pattern of predictable imbalance in virtually everything in life.” A very small percentage of the folks (Vital Few) will have HUGE results, and everyone else (the Trivial Many) won’t.

The promoters of these programs parade the results of the vital few “Poster children” in all of their marketing so as to sell more programs . . . and they gain wealth.

So what to do?

If you’re an agent looking for the “Right” education to LAUNCH your business, I believe it’s probably closer (and less expensive) than you think.

The BEST education is the one that is tailored specifically to the unique business of the student. This is not a practical pursuit for most “trainers” because it requires time consuming 1:1 attention and accountability. A personal COACH would be ideal . . . but expensive.

How ’bout the days of old when the Principal Broker or an in-house Business Coach (paid by the firm) took newer agents under a wing and was infinitely available to all agents for coaching, consulting, and accountability for business development?

Who benefits in this arrangement?


The Owner of the firm enjoys more profit as the agents become more productive.

The Broker’s job gets easier because better trained and more productive agents are typically “lower maintenance” (need less hand-holding)

The agent WINS BIG because EVERYONE is cheering for her success, AND she doesn’t have to pay for this education because EVERYONE gets paid when she succeeds.

When searching for the “RIGHT” education, begin your search by making an appointment with your Principal Broker. Bring along your “case” for receiving individually tailored training and lay out the advantages of your increase in productivity.

If that doesn’t bear fruit, move on . . . Find a home where you do receive the “right” mix of training and support.

When I founded Pareto Realty, I was very clear about the fact that I had ZERO aspirations of having the Largest Firm . . . I chose the name “Pareto” to signify the importance of our members to be “Vital Few” . . . and I take very seriously a personal commitment to do whatever it takes to support and train our agents to achieve the level of success they desire.

Simple as pie!

Developing “Elite Niche Specialist Real Estate Professionals” throughout Middle Tennessee.


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