When You’re HOT, You’re HOT!

Don’t you LOVE those days when everything seems to go right?

You’re SO HOT, You’re ON FIRE!

Everyone gets this.

Athletes know it all too well when they have one of those golden games in which all of the players on the team seem to be communicating on a superhuman level . . . anticipating every move and seamlessly destroying the opponent effortlessly.

then . . . there are those days when you’re NOT.

Everything you touch turns sour . . . and it feels as if the world is conspiring to knock you down.

In sports, it’s times like these which give rise to the use of the “TIMEOUT” . . . used by a coach to attempt to break a tragic series of misexecutions . . .  or to disrupt an uncanny period of brilliance on the part of their opponent.

The timeout doesn’t always work.

Taking a short break does not in and of itself create a “game changing” shift.

It’s all in the mind.

As I watched the Basketball team warm up for their game this afternoon, I was amazed at their “Swoosh ratio” of shots from all over the court. I’m betting they were hitting better that 90% of their shots.

Once the game started, that ratio dropped to less than 10% . . . Why?

Something clicked in their minds that was causing their game shots to be a smidgen off – just enough to bounce off the rim.

It was that pesky opposing team that was interfering with all kinds of noise.

After Half time . . . the percentage jumped to 50%.

This had NOTHING to do with a sudden emergence of  newfound skill and everything to do with a new mindset . . . These players had decided to score.

It’s a choice.

This works for us in all aspects of our lives.

try it . . .

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