When you’re driving . . . DRIVE!

Here in Nashville, TDOT (TN Department of transportation) has installed large message boards over the interstates to give motorists “Breaking News” WRT to traffic issues ahead.

When there’s no news to report, they flash the “Number of Highway Deaths in 2012” along with the caution: “Don’t YOU be next – Drive safely!”

I drive a LOT as I work my art as a real estate sales professional and have watched those numbers climb every day . . . This morning, the number was 928 along with the message that the 2011 death total was 911 for the year.

My guess (based on my observation of how the number has been climbing) is that this number will top 1,000 by the end of the year.


1,000 people killed in vehicle accidents in TN a single year?


I’ll bet 99% of the accidents were a direct result of human error (1% mechanical error).

  • Drivers “Under the Influence”
  • Distracted Drivers
  • Aggressive Drivers

In all cases (consciously or not), these accidents could have been avoided with a simple change in the behavior of the folks behind the wheel.

When You’re Driving . . . DRIVE!

Don’t do ANYTHING other than DRIVE from the time that you shift the car into gear til the time you shift back into “Park.”

Don’t give me any lip or BS about how great a driver you are  . . . because that’s not what this is about . . . Even great drivers screw up when they’re not paying attention . . . or when they let their emotions drive.

If ANY single person who reads this blog post heeds this advice and becomes more attentive while behind the wheel, I firmly believe that lives will be saved.

Guess what?

How often do you drive your business . . . or your relationships . . .

  • “Under the Influence”
  • Distracted
  • Overly Aggressively


How much personal or professional damage happens because you’re not paying attention . . . or letting your emotions drive?



Be Present!

If you’re the driver . . . DRIVE!


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