When you wander beyond your AOE

AOE = Area of Expertise

I had to learn this invaluable lesson again for the past 18 hours.

Managing internet domains and building websites is something I know very little about.

So . . . Why would I decide to log in to my GoDaddy account to redirect a few URLS on my own?

Yep! In the matter of about 90 seconds, I very efficiently removed any and all access to my blogsite.

I was doing something that I thought should be pretty easy.

After all . . . why couldn’t I just change the URL from pointing to one page to another?

It seems like an easy enough thing to do, yet I failed completely resulting in an hour of chatting with support folks first from WPEngine who hosts the site and GoDaddy who hosts the URL.

I started with WPEngine . . . 30 minutes into it, I realized that they couldn’t fix the problem because the problem was at GoDaddy.

The Support person at WPEngine was nice, but she was speaking Greek and I speak English.

She sent me some really great support documents to study, so I could learn more . . . Problem was . . . Those documents were written in Technese (Geek Speak) . . . no help whatsoever.

I’m sure she was amused at my ignorance, although she restrained herself and did not LOL.

Brad at GoDaddy was awesome and very patient. He was goodnatured and definitely bilingual (Spoke Geek AND English) and proved to be an awesome interpreter.

Within 30 minutes, my problem was solved with minimal pain and suffering, and I am now writing this post on the resurrected site 🙂

Lesson learned: Don’t wander beyond your AOE (Area of Expertise) without a guide who speaks and understands your language.

This rings true also for – say – Buying or selling a house . . . Open Heart Surgery . . . Fixing your car . . . Preparing your taxes . . . etc.

Why would you even consider tackling things that are beyond your AOE without engaging an expert to serve and protect you?

Food for thought . . . The internet has spawned a DIY (Do it yourself) culture/mentality that there is no need to hire an expert when you can simply find all the information you need in the form of websites and youtube videos . . . Just think of all the MONEY you’ll save, right?

I’m calling BULLS__T on this.

DIY can be a very slippery slope and often doesn’t go well leading to us creating messes that we then have to call an expert to unravel and then redo . . . the right way.

This can be dangerous!

You can do yourself harm physically, financially, mentally as you get in over your head with the wrong tools and lack of knowledge.

Perhaps some folks who read this post will take heed and save themselves a heap of grief by knowing their limitations (AOE) and having the common sense to hire an expert when doing things beyond said AOE.

Unless, of course, you want to invest in the right tools and learn the language and the time necessary to do it.

PS – Regarding the Purchase and/or sale of a house . . . I’ve been a Real Estate Sales Professional for over 25 years and am aware of SO many deals gone bad because one of both of the parties in the transactions chose to be unrepresented by a professional REALTOR.

Why risk this just to save a few bucks?


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