When the system is down

I arrived at the office at exactly the right time this morning.

It was a smooth morning. The dogs and I had a great walk – Breakfast – Still a little “High” on a huge win yesterday . . . and LOTS of great things scheduled for today.

I turned on the computer and entered my log-in PIN . . . The screen went black with only the little mouse arrow . . . all of the peripherals made their usual noises which meant to me that the computer WAS, in fact, on and functioning . . . but it was denying me the ability to see the screen . . . only a black screen.

I’ve restarted multiple times to no avail.


Yeah – I could very easily derail my entire day . . . if I were to allow that.


The back-up chromebook doesn’t have all the same capabilities (Printer/Scanner), but it DOES do everything I need to do today so . . . PHOOOEY on you, you temper tantrum throwing PC. You can just sit there and think about what you’ve done. I’ll let you out of time-out when you’re ready to behave.

On the chance you decided NOT to perform at all, I’m gonna “re-home” in a place you’re NOT gonna like.

You’re replaceable, and I’m a bit tired of your whining anyhow.


pssst . . . Don’t let pesky mechanical/digital lapses break your stride. What you’re doing is WAY too important to be that vulnerable.

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