When developing a Niche . . . You gain FREEDOM

Do you homework first!

Step 1

DEFINE your Niche

  • Take a look at the volume of sales for  each of the past two 12 month periods relative to the total number of houses or condos in the area of choice.
  • If you see a 15-20% Turnover in a 12 month period, proceed to Step 2.
  • If not . . . Think deeply about things. Without a proven volume of sales, can this niche be productive enough to meet your goal?

Step 2

Get to know the place better than ANYONE else

  • Be the FIRST agent to Preview EVERY listed property when they hit the market 
  • If you don’t have a dog, get one (or borrow one) and walk that dog (or dogs) EVERY morning and evening through the neighborhood – To be seen and to get to know other residents.
  • ALWAYS take a camera with you as you walk the Neighborhood and photograph everything of interest you see along the way – Wildlife, Interesting houses, Green spaces, Community amenities, Local stores and restaurants . . . EVERYTHING . . .
  • PUBLISH (on a website or blogsite) all of the above mentioned pictures and comment on all of the GOOD things about each
  • Visit the Zoned schools and meet the Principals and teachers and PARTICIPATE in the Parent/Teacher/Student associations whether you have children or not.
  • Visit every place of worship in the community and learn about each one
  • Know about local parks and greenways and playgrounds
  • Join any Neighborhood association(s) and attend city Council Meetings to stay abreast of Community Development.

Step 3

EARN the right to call yourself “The Neighborhood Specialist”

  • Coordinate Community events
  • Create a website/blogsite/Twitter feed/Facebook page/email Listserve to give the residents, educators, and business owners resources to share and learn from each other
  • Pioneer a “Neighborhood Watch” program
  • Administer and Publish a Community calendar of events
  • Direct mail a post card each and every month with a new tip about Real Estate and a headline about what’s happening in the neighborhood that month
  • Compile a quarterly “State of the Market” Newsletter with statistical analysis to keep the residents informed
  • Get yourself PUBLISHED in the local Newspaper . . . Interviewed on TV/Radio . . . Be famous!

Step 4

ACT like a Specialist

  • If business comes at you that’s not in your area of expertise, refer it to another Professional
  • Don’t be “All Hat and no cattle” . . . If you’re going to claim to be the Specialist, you had better KNOW EVERYTHING about your niche (or know who to call for the answer)
  • Know EVERYONE in you niche
  • Always walk your talk
  • Brag about any business you transact (Just Listed/Just Sold direct mail postcards)
  • Capture 80% of the business in you Niche (Yes – 80%)


Sounds like a LOT of work, doesn’t it?

If it’s too much for you, don’t do it at all . . . a half-baked strategy won’t deliver the results and you’ll likely quit before you meet success.

This is NOT for the feint of heart and requires COMPLETE commitment.

“Generalists” won’t “get” this and will keep themselves on the “Sales Professional Roller Coaster of Feast and Famine” as they attempt to serve ALL people EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME.

I’d rather DEFINE, KNOW, EARN, and ACT in an arena of MY choice.

This message is particularly timely on this day – Independence Day

Last night, Debbie My wife said:

“Without Independence, there is not FREEDOM!”

Until you have enough faith in yourself to practice Independence, you’ll be living within self-imposed contraints of “other peoples’ agendas.”

Tough message here . . . but think about our ForeFathers – the Brave Men, women, and Children who fought for and WON Independence for the United States of America.

They did whatever it took to win FREEDOM!

HAPPY July 4!

Hope you have a safe and FUN day enjoying your FREEDOM.


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