When a house is properly prepared for the market . . .

I’ve had loads of FUN this week because I stumbled upon 2 of the BEST clients EVER.

These days, we REALTORS know that in order to sell a house in this market, we must have as close to “perfect” as we can get with respect to condition and pricing.

To position ourselves in the market such we are in the “20% Vital Few” slice of the market that is SELLING, we must have the house in TIP-TOP condition and priced in the lower 1/3 of the market (Because 80% of the available of the available inventory is over-priced).

We know that when the house is not properly prepared (Staged nicely, uncluttered, no signs of deferred maintenance) our odds of success decrease precipitously.

It’s up to the Seller to make the decisions and take the actions necessary to Properly Prepare the house for the market . . . The REALTOR’s “job” is to offer candid advice and counsel to help the Seller make the right decisions . . . and then to market it effectively.

I’m of the opinion that putting a house on the market before it’s properly prepared significantly thwarts any subsequent marketing that happens . . . DON’T MARKET ANY HOUSE THAT’S NOT READY TO BE MARKETED! . . . even if it means delaying going on the market a few weeks.

This merits patience and diligence. My practice begins with a visit to the home to consult with the Seller and view the home. I assess the seller’s readiness and willingness to do what it takes to properly prepare the house and price it right . . . and we go room to room to build a list of things to do to prepare the house for market.

Often this list includes securing a storage unit or pod to remove “Stuff” (Furniture and chattel) . . . and we set a goal date for getting it done (usually about 2 weeks)

I like to think that all House Sellers are serious about SELLING their houses but sometimes we wonder . . . when the Seller resists advice from a professional . . . and/or delays the process prior to going on the market.

When that happens, we know that what is missing is sufficient MOTIVATION (something which we professionals cannot create) . . . and so we shift focus from selling the house to looking forward to what’s next. We know that Karma comes into play here 🙂 If the Seller is excited about what’s next, the whole process moves exponentially smoother.

Enough babbling . . . Wanna see why i’m SO excited about these 2 new listings this weekend?

Click the links to see pictures and descriptions – and view a slideshow . . . and contact us if we can help YOU do the right things to SELL your house.

6620 Autumnwood Drive


Poplar Creek Estates – Bellevue

2298 Square feet


664 Magnolia Lane

The Woodlands – Nipper’s corner Near Brentwood

1800 Square feet – 3 Bedrooms 3 Baths


Just sayin’




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