What’s the point of marketing?

Most folks will answer: “We market to generate more sales.”


So that’s the result we want from our marketing, so how do we do this?

What makes a marketing effort effective?

Who are we trying to reach as we spend hours and dollars designing our marketing campaign such that we get THOSE peoples’ attention?

Seth Godin wrote a timely post this morning in which he offers a “Value Creation Checklist”. Check it out here!


. . . Timely because I am facilitating a MasterMind session tomorrow (9/14/2016 @ 11:00 AM) about “Asking THE question!


If you’re in the Nashville area, you’re welcome to join us.

Seth suggests that we market to “Create Value” for the thing we are marketing in the minds of the right people such that they show up to BUY.

How do we get the attention of these right people?

Certainly, we could craft the perfect message for our campaign, but it’ll fall flat if we don’t get it in front of the right people, right?

Why would anyone want to buy that thing or service you want to sell?

The simplest answer is that they have a problem . . . They want or need this thing and don’t have it and may not know how to get it, so they’re already looking for it, but they don’t know (yet) that YOU have it.

Your problem is that there are competitors out there who are also marketing to get these folks’ attention.

You know YOURS is better than theirs, so the race is on.

How do we get their attention before our competitors?

Crack THIS nut, and your business will be wildly successful and popular because the odds are that if you attract a few of the “right people” and serve them well, they will RAVE about you to all their friends and family and will REFER your product or service to them . . . and the good news for you is that most people refer people just like themselves.

Therein lies the “secret sauce” of marketing.

Ask LOTS of questions of yourself, your potential customers, and anyone else who will answer so as to formulate the “right value proposition” for YOUR product or service.

psssst . . . the “right value proposition” will, by definition, have “differentiation” from your competitors . . . so how is doing business with YOU a smarter move than buying from your competitor?

Tomorrow at 11, we’re going to ask a LOT more questions centering around marketing “Residential Real Estate Professional Sales Services” and Houses for sale.

Will you be in the room?

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